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nightly builds on try are not available through bouncer


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I think there's two issues here:

  1. bouncer-locations refuses to run on Try at all because of its run-on-releases configuration. (try pushes can never have a release_type set other than for staging releases AFAICT)
  2. On try, we upload nightly builds to, I believe due to the beetmover manifest pointing at latest-${branch}. However, even once we get Bouncer submission going, it would submit entries that point at latest-mozilla-central. (I'm double checking this in I don't see anything in bouncerscript that seems as if it could push to latest-try).

In order to fully close the testing loop for bug 1819405, we ought to make Nightlies on try downloadable through Bouncer & Bedrock. I suggest that we:

  • Find a way to allow bouncer-locations to run
  • Publish "nightly" builds on try to latest-mozilla-central (we already publish candidates/releases to directories named the same as production -- I think latest-try is an historical artifact dating back to when try builds were uploaded to

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