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16 years ago
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When many new features and fixes are added, like in the Dec 20 2002 build, and
such features and fixes are advertized on web sites (such as
it would be a GOOD thing to up the version number (in this case from 0.6.0 to
0.6.1) and have people donwload that rather than the month and half old version
(0.6.0 from early november) and be puzzled as to why the new features and fixes
are not there.

The version number doesn't have to change for every nightly build, but for every
widely advertized build it should.

Reproducible: Always

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Comment 1

16 years ago
So what you're really saying is that you want the developers to issue release versions of 
Chimera more often (instead of waiting until lots of new features have been added)?

Comment 2

16 years ago
No, I'm saying I want the version number to change when a new build is
advertized, such as the December 20 build (which btw add new features).

Otherwise, like in the case of 0.6.0, people mention the new features but point
at the 0.6.0 released which doesn't include those features and that cause confusion.

If the December 20 build had the version number 0.6.1 there would be no
confusion (and people could point to that rather than to the obsolete 0.6.0

For random daily nightly builds who are not advertized, no need to provide a
version number change.

Comment 3

16 years ago
Er.... I don't think this is a valid bug. Better to comment on the mailing list.

Comment 4

16 years ago
People should refer to the build id if they want to advertise a nightly build. I
don't know of any products that modify the version number for non-release builds
(at least not in the Mozilla family). I would rather not have the developers
waste time messing with the version number every time a new feature is checked
in anyway (and what about when features are backed out?). Their time is
stretched thin enough as it is. I'm marking INVALID for now. Feel free to bring
this up on the mailing list though if you feel it is important.
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