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Object does not adjust its size to the SVG data it currently refers to.


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Steps to reproduce:

In an HTML file, an object element can refer to a SVG file like this:

<object data="small.svg"></object>

with small.svg being:

<svg xmlns="" width="160" height="120">
<a href="large.svg">
<image href="small.jpg"/>

and large.svg being:

<svg xmlns="" width="800" height="600">
<a href="small.svg">
<image href="large.jpg"/>

Actual results:

The object element initially takes on the size of small.svg correctly, 160x120. Upon clicking the link in small.svg, the object grows to 300x150, and remains at that size even after clicking the link in large.svg

Expected results:

The object should initially be 160x120, grow to the size of large.svg, 800x600, after clicking the link in small.svg, and shrink to the size of small.svg, its initial size, after clicking the link in large.svg

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If a border is added to the object, and the inner link is clicked over and over again quickly, the border alone will sometimes be the correct size for an instant, before being shrunken to 300x150.

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Seems to be a race between the new frame creation and the old frame destruction. The new frame creation happens first and then the old frame destruction sets the size back to the default.

Old frame destruction doesn't happen till nsDocumentViewer::Show when the previous document viewer is destroyed.

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