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Nightly spends tons of time (2 minutes+) around GC on an online OCR tool. The time increases exponentially as the size of the image increases


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Go to
Select the attached image as the input (which is a 10MB file)

2MB input -> 6 seconds in GC
3MB input -> 14 seconds in GC
10MB input -> 132 seconds in GC
15MB input -> I gave up after few minutes

Attached image geometric_129.jpg

This is actually a regression. Regression range :

Potential regressors : Bug 1751162

In the "good" versions, the memory use starts at 800MB. In the "bad" versions, the memory starts at 300MB.

Type: task → defect
Keywords: regression

This is another instance of quadratic behaviour allocating a lot of nursery things and putting them in a stack rooted vector. The allocation repeatedly triggers minor GC and the whole vector is traversed every time.

Assignee: nobody → jcoppeard

(In reply to Mayank Bansal from comment #2)

Potential regressors : Bug 1751162

Not really due to this, although this made it worse by reducing the nursery size and hence increase the number of nursery collections.

Considering the other bugs filed for similar issue (bug 1853305 and co), would it be worthwhile to do a systematic check /audit of all such cases? Or is it more efficient practically to tackle this on a bug-by-bug basis (as these issues usually occur for "large" testcases and thus probably an edge-ish case)

The problem is that the stack rooted vector of properties gets traced on every
minor GC. We allocate a nursery string for every dense array index in the given
array which may trigger a number of minor GCs, leading to quadratic runtime.

The fix is to switch to the tenured heap after the second minor GC, in the same
way we have done for other instances of this problem.

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Fix quadratic behaviour enumerating own properties r=sfink
Closed: 8 months ago
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This is fixed: (10MB input) / (15MB input)
Thanks Jonco!

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