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firefox dev logo deb is same color as standard firefox instead of blue one


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Steps to reproduce:

i installed firefox developer from deb, but color is the same as the standard firefox, not the blue one

Actual results:

Firefox dev icon is same as firefox standard,

Expected results:

Installed icon should be the blue version

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Keywords: regression
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QA Contact: jlorenzo
Regressed by: firefox-deb-repackage
Version: Firefox 121 → unspecified

:gabriel, since you are the author of the regressor, bug 1799516, could you take a look? Also, could you set the severity field?

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I see the correct icon for developer edition on the gnome app search

Attached image ubuntu-dock.png

and I see the correct icon on the dock, but for some reason, the icons name displays firefox-aurora

Firefox Developer Edition is blue afaict at least on Ubuntu

See Also: → 1868493

I am seeing a similar issue on pop, except instead of getting the regular Firefox logo I don't get a logo at all. It's probably the same issue.

Weird, I don't see "firefox-aurora" anywhere in the .desktop file

This is on all the KDE distro i have, i use kubuntu and ubuntu studio 23.10

It seems happens on KDE

Thank you for the bug report and for the input, cjdg_2k2! I wonder if we missed an entry in the .desktop file. I don't see anything obvious on this page[1]. Would you happen to know if there's any differences in the way KDE and Gnome interpret .desktop files? (I'm just trying to find any hint to drive the investigation further 🙂)


Oh, I just stumbled upon bug 1868493 comment 3. Maybe this could do the trick. Does it work for you locally, cjdg_2k2?

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Thanks for the information. Are you using a theme cjdg_2k2?

I haven't been able to repro. I tried it on a kbuntu VM, and I see the blue icon

I put up a patch for Bug 1868493, which seems related, maybe it will help

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