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[UX] Rename print preview: shrink to fit combobox option


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using yesterday's winxp trunk build. 

when I try and shrink to fit a large image, it doesn't wind up fitting on a
single page.

steps to repro:
1. view attached image.
2. file->print preview
3. select landscape mode
4. select shrink to fit

notice the image still spans multiple pages.
Shrink to fit just shrinks horizontally; splitting across pages vertically still
has to happen for long pages.

Perhaps the UI should clarify that what's meant is "fit in the width of the
page" not "fit whole document on one page"?
at a minimum, something to clarify that it is a horizontal "shrink to fit" would
be good. or provide vertical shrink to fit as an option somehow.
It is labeled: "Shrink to fit page width" in the page setup dialog. In the
combobox used for print-preview it is labeled "Shrink to fit".

To shrink it to fit within a single page you would need to set the print preview
combox to a % value that made it small enough to fit on a single page.

Keeping this bug open for the UI issue of renaming the "Shrink to fit" option to
something like "Shrink to page width"
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Changing summary.
Summary: shrink to fit of images is not working → Rename print preview: shrink to fit combobox option
Assignee: rods → nobody
Severity: normal → trivial
OS: Windows XP → All
QA Contact: sujay → printing
Hardware: PC → All
Version: Trunk → unspecified
I'll add the following.  I used this URL:

and when I printed it, I got only one page.

"Shrink to fit" was selected and it didn't shrink to fit.  If it wasn't selected, it should have at least printed two pages.

It also occurs in "Print Preview"
Summary: Rename print preview: shrink to fit combobox option → [UX] Rename print preview: shrink to fit combobox option
Severity: trivial → S4
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