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TB requests access to google calendar 3 times at launch (one for each calendar)


(Thunderbird :: General, defect)

Thunderbird 125


(thunderbird_esr115 unaffected, thunderbird126 wontfix)

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thunderbird_esr115 --- unaffected
thunderbird126 --- wontfix


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(Keywords: regression)


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Steps to reproduce:

When I upgraded from 124 to 125 it requested to login again on 1 of 3 gmail accounts I have and since then, every time I launch Thunderbird it opens a google auth popup asking to Allow access to calendar on that account.

It asks 3 times for the calendar access on the same account every single time I launch TB.

I'm running 125beta2 on macOS 14.4.1 at the moment.

Actual results:

It asks 3 times for me to allow Thunderbird to access google calendar on the same account every time I launch TB.

Expected results:

It should have a cache of that operation and don't ask me to allow it again.

I went to google account and signed out Thunderbird session. Then started TB and added credentials again and it did the same and asked me to allow access to calendar 3 times.

I went to my calendar and noticed that I had 3 calendar associated with that google account: Personal, Holidays in USA and Holidays in Brazil. I disabled Holiday calendars and now it asks for permission only once every time I start Thunderbird.

See Also: → 1864203

(bug 1864203 is quite unrelated)

Component: Untriaged → General
Keywords: regression
See Also: 1864203
Summary: TB requests access to google calendar 3 times at launch → TB requests access to google calendar 3 times at launch (one for each calendar)

I noticed this is still marked as Unconfirmed but it still happens on 126b3. Is there anything else I need to collect from my environment or any action I need to do here to help?

I have been seeing something similar.

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