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Can't see bottom half of the last line of EULA


(SeaMonkey :: Installer, defect, P2)

Mac System 8.5


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: elig, Assigned: samir_bugzilla)


(Keywords: platform-parity, Whiteboard: [xpibug])

[PP] Can't see bottom half of the last line of EULA

(noted by sfraser)

0) Launch Mozilla installer
1) Scroll to the bottom of the License viewer

 - What happened

The bottom half of the bottom line is cut off.

 - What was expected

License should be viewable in its entirety.


 - Occurs On
        Mac OS Mozilla Installer (11.15.99 optimized build)

 - Doesn't Occur On
        Mac OS Netscape Installer (4.7 RTM, VISE-based)
        Win32 Mozilla Installer (an M11 candidate build, 11.13.99 I think)


- [Mac] Beige Power Mac G3 (266 MHz PowerPC 750), 96 MB RAM (VM on; 1 MB of VM
used), 1024x768 (Thousands of Colors), Mac OS 8.6

- [Win32] Vectra VL (233 MHz P2), 96 MB RAM, 800x600 (True Color), NT 4.0 SP5.

- [Linux] Vectra VL (266 MHz P2), 96 MB RAM. Red Hat Linux 6.0 (GNOME).
Target Milestone: M13
Moving M13 bugs due to Samir's vacation
Keywords: pp
Summary: [PP] Can't see bottom half of the last line of EULA → Can't see bottom half of the last line of EULA
This bug may have gone away with new license file that is included
Yes, I added a couple of lines at the bottom, purposely :o)  This is still a bug 
This has been temporarily worked around by adding a line in the License file.  
Moving off to M20.
Target Milestone: M14 → M20
Samir, the blank lines you inserted have disappeared, so again I can't read the 
last line of the license.

I think this is a blocker. Legally, if I can't read the whole of a license, how 
am I supposed to accept its terms?
I was talking about the commercial license in my comments above, I believe.  At 
any rate, it's worth it no note that this is just a placeholder license.  
Someone from the mozilla community should supply a license they want displayed 
if different from the MPL.  If we find that this is in fact the license that 
should be displayed I'll toss in the extra line at the end.  Thanks for 
Calling Mitchell ... Does a Mozilla user need to read and accept the MPL license 
in order to install Mozilla, or can we get rid of that blasted license screen 
altogether in non-commercial builds?
updating mac mozilla installer QA contact to me
QA Contact: gbush → asa
I think we can elimintae this in the mozilla installer.  should we update this
bug to reflect that or file a new one.
"elimintae this in the mozilla installer"  I'm not clear what you want to 
eliminate?  The license dialog?  It is non-trivial since the ``Show Dialog'' 
feature was cut for the Mac installer.  :(
Is the license only appearing on macos? [I'm trying to run through the win32 
installer and all open installer bugs] I don't see the license on win32.
Keywords: ui
The license is presented on Linux too.
Timeless: like I said, see bug 51499 ...

[Removing ui keyword because this does not require any UI design work]
Keywords: ui
perhaps we could replace it with a readme or something for mozilla builds.  In
the case that we keep the dialog (with either a license or a readme) then we
would need to fix the problem of not ebing able to see the last line of the
scrolling content.
mitchell says we need this. 
If we need the license, then is the current version the correct one (MPL 1.1 I 
If we need the license, then why isn't it present in the Windows and Linux 
installers? That's a pretty striking omission.
It *is* in fact present in the Linux installers.  :o)
Samir, yes, MPL 1.1 is our current license.  It seems to only be missing from
the mozilla windows installer.
See last comment by Asa.  It appears that the Win32 mozilla installer needs to 
display MPL 1.1.
Priority: P3 → P2
Since the license is required, this bug remains "Can't see bottom half of the
last line of EULA." This problem is still present in recent installers.
Changing obsolete M20+ milestones to closest equivalent, "Future"
Target Milestone: M20 → Future
Bringing on radar. Isn't this a dup of a bugscape bug (or vice versa)? If so 
let's close that one and keep the public one.
Keywords: nsbeta1
Target Milestone: Future → ---
Whiteboard: [xpibug]
Moz 0.9 tasks
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9
Work-around is to put an extra line in the file... way easier and safer than any
fix in the installer itself.
Keywords: nsbeta1nsbeta1-
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9 → ---
Fixed while looking in the area this week.
Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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