Quick means to send e-mail from Default Account while viewing News or other Mail account



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The fix in bug 99363 was the right thing to do, however it has, IMO, left a
usability issue.

There is, AFAICT, no longer a way to compose an e-mail (using the default
account) while viewing News (or a non-default mail account) without switching to
the default account first. This should be possible because:

1. It can be slow switching to the mail account and then switching back,
especially with large newsgroups and/or large mailboxes.

2. When you switch back to the newsgroup you were reading it can be difficult to
find where you were, especially if the View is set to Unread or Threads with Unread.

I suggest a new item on the File->New menu, "Message (Default Accout)" and a new
shortcut key, Ctrl-Shift-M (which appears to be unused at the moment).

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15 years ago
See also bug 175022.
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Cannot send e-mail from Default Account in News after bug 99363 fixed → Quick means to send e-mail from Default Account while viewing News or other Mail account
Product: MailNews → Core

Comment 2

12 years ago
This is more then a mere convenience -- it can help prevent major security issue or embarassment.  Say you are reading from an untrusted mail account, such as one of the free ones.  You intend to forward a message or send a message that contains sensitive information as a result of having just read a message from the  untrusted account -- if you just click on "Write", Thunderbird will create the message from the account you last read from, instead of from the default account, which in this example, is on a trusted server.

This has happened to me a number of times already where I send a password (yeah, clear text -- long story) but instead of using my trusted acocunt it uses the account I had last read from, so now that password is up on some server 
that any sysadmin can read.

There are similar scenarios where potentially embarassing things could happen, such as sending email containing critical remarks about an ISP -- over that very ISP's server.

I know that it's "easy" enough to remember to select the proper account from the  "From" drop-down list, but who remembers that every time?  (not me, never)

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12 years ago
I meant my previous remarks for bug #175022, not this one.


10 years ago
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10 years ago
Product: Core → MailNews Core

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9 years ago
dup to bug 119432?
(In reply to comment #4)
> dup to bug 119432?

Don't sound as a dupe of bug #119432 for me.
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