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Refactor Installation chapter


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The Step-by-step section should be as generic as possible.  Currently there's
hints in there about using utilites on Mandrake, some redundant instructions
about configuring MySQL, etc.

What I'm currently working on is making Installation basically be:
4. Installation
  4.1 Step by step
  4.2 Optional
  4.3 OS Specific (This will house win32, osx, etc. hints)
  4.4 http server (hints for securing Apache, IIS, AOL Server, etc.)
  4.5 Troubleshooting

Once we support more than just MySQL on the backend, "Database Server" can be
inserted as 4.5.
This should at least provide the framework to address all blockers, it may even
out-right fix some of them.
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
Version: unspecified → 2.17.3
I agree with you, jake. The Win32 installation notes currently contains 
instructions for Apache and MySQL which are basically the same as for Unix. It 
should be possible to refer people to the normal installation steps from the 
Win32 part for those, to cut down on information duplication.

I'm basically waiting for the major Win32-related bugs to be fixed (mainly 
bugmail, bug 124174 and bug 84876), but once that is done, I can write the 
Win32 notes from firsthand experience if you want.
Jean, that would be great. I have zero expierence with Bugzilla on win32 so 
what I have in that section now is mostly a combination of what is in the old 
sections, what's been I've noticed in IRC/the newsgroup/etc, and my limited 
knowledge of running web services on win32.
Severity: normal → major
Priority: P2 → P1
Just checked in step 1 of this which is providing the framework and a lot of the
information. I still need to prune some more stuff from the step-by-step
section, but this is a start :)

I also recompiled the docs because of this large change.. they should be live on shortly.
Just finished changing the installation chapter. I also checked in a recompiled
version of the docs so I can (hopefully) get some feedback on the changes.
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