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Posts to ignored threads sometimes fail to be marked read


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This seems to happen mostly on the SpamCop newsgroups ( server)
for some reason.  When everything seems to be marked read, it still shows a
number of unread messages.  Are they headers waiting to be downloaded?  No,
they're ignored posts that have slipped past the mechanism to automatically mark
them read.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a newsgroup that has unread messages.
2. In Threads with Unread view, go through all the remaining unread threads
ignoring them.
3. Press Get Msg.
4. Realise that's not the problem, so set view to Unread, Ignored Threads.

Actual Results:  
1. Newsgroup opens normally.
2. Once this is done, the newsgroup list still indicates unread messages.
3. No new messages in newsgroup, so unread count remains the same.
4. I see some unread, ignored threads.

Expected Results:  
Already marked the posts to ignored threads as read when they came in, as it
does normally.
Should've said "Open a newsgroup that has unread messages and ignored threads".
 But I guess that's kind of obvious.
One of my 'groups had 1160 or so unread messages when I came in today.  When I
opened it and downloaded the headers, it cut down the count to 570 or so.  But
then I had to kill Mozilla thanks to bug 223597 again and not having time to
wait.  And of course, since a force quit loses all unread/read status
information (I can't seem to find a bug number for this), the count was back to
1160 or so on restart.

Bit since the headers were already downloaded, they hadn't re-passed through the
ignored -> read filter.  So this is probably one cause of this problem.  But I'm
sure it's not the only cause.
Summary: posts to ignored threads sometimes fail to be marked read → Posts to ignored threads sometimes fail to be marked read
Blocks: 236849
Product: MailNews → Core
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Still happening - 2005092710
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