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16 years ago
Right now, there isn't a way for the installer to detect an app that has GRE
loaded in memory.  If there is such an app and we're trying to upgrade GRE, this
will force the installer to reboot the system at the end because there will be
files in use.

Here's what needs to happen:
 * Mozilla installer needs to look in the GRE's windows registry key to
determine which apps could potentially be running (and holding GRE in memory)
 * The installer then needs to check to see if any of the apps are either
mozilla or netscape.  If they are, then offer to quit for them.
 * If the apps are not either mozilla or netscape, then show dialog with list of
found apps requiring to be shutdown by the user.
 * Also offer "Skip" or "Ignore" button.  Installer should allow a way to opt
out of this check.
 * This check needs to happen after all the files have been successfully
downloaded, not before.  If one of these other apps happen to offer internet
connectivity, the installer will not be able to download required files if the
app shutsdown.

The whole purpose of this is to prevent the user from requiring to reboot their
I am not sure there is a requirement when installing a new client of the GRE,
but lets not forget the case when we want to uninstall a GRE - there would be a
requirement to know if the GRE is running when uninstalling, right?

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16 years ago
I'm not sure there is because from what I can tell on what the requirements are
for a shared GRE to be uninstalled is that the app that requires GRE should no
longer require it.  Meaning that it should have already been uninstalled before
GRE is uninstalled.

However, I'll keep the uninstall scenario in mind just in case I'm missing
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9 years ago
old XPFE installer is dead.
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