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LXR uses internal-gopher-* image URLs in file browsing mode


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These URLs are not supported by browsers other than Netscape and Mozilla (eg IE 
does not support them) and I'll be removing Mozilla's support for them in bug 
83774.  So it really would be nice if we were to stop using them.... (if we 
want to continue having these be Mozilla-only, we should switch to the 
appropriate resource:// urls instead).
This is really distracting if you're using any other browser.

I think all that's needed is to use the commented-out lines at

The images are already on lxr.m.o.
Should this go to gerv rather than endico, now?
(based on
No; I do not own LXR.

Blocks: 83774
No longer blocks: 83774
Don't remove my tracking stuff, mmkay?
Blocks: 83774
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Nice, and better than what I was suggesting.

It should use '301 Moved Permanently' rather than '307 Temporary Redirect', 
though, so the client can cache the response.
i don't understand the meaning of the different http responses, my concern is
that if someone actually does check in a file with one of those names that the
browser not have decided that it would never show the user that file.

307 is supposed to be cachable unless otherwise marked, so it should work.
if someone can explain to me that 301 would be safe for the case where someone
actually does stick a file by that name into the directory then i'd gladly use
it instead, i just don't think that it could.
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Why not just make lxr not generate those urls in teh first place, and instead
point to /icons/whatever.gif directly?
bbaetz: That was the fix I suggested.  timeless' fix means that browsers that 
support the internal-gopher-* images internally (NS1/2/3/4, Mozilla before bug 
83774 lands) won't bother to request the image at all - a neater solution, I 

timeless: you're right, partly, but I'm not sure it's a real problem.

Actually, the response to 307 *isn't* cacheable unless you send a Cache-Control 
or Expires header (see 
301 is cacheable by default. Of course, whether the image itself is cacheable 
depends on the headers for the second response.

However, 307 doesn't exist in HTTP/1.0. I think 301 is therefore a better 
choice, if only for that reason.

You're right that this would prevent the browser from accessing a file with the 
same name as one of the internal-gopher-* types, but current (NS/Mozilla) 
browsers don't make requests for those files anyway.  In any case, from what I 
recall, I thought your patch made LXR send the redirect regardless of whether 
the file existed?

In summary, I think we should go with timeless' patch. internal-gopher-* 
supporting browsers will see no change at all, and all other browsers will be 
transparently redirected to the correct image.
s/go with timeless' patch/go with timeless' patch (with 301 redirect)/

sorry for the spam.
Given that mozilla soon won't support these images, I really don't think we 
need to care about the bandwidth of image requests to lxr from netscape4 
browsers, which are the only browsers which could take advantage of this.
Don't forget all the installed copies of Netscape 6.x, Mozilla 1.0.x/Netscape 
7.x, Mozilla 1.1 through (probably) 1.4 - they'll continue to take advantage of 
the internal-gopher-* images.  I don't think it's a particularly big deal, 
though, either way.
The 'easy' way to fix this would be to do this.  I still think timeless' way is
neater, though.
Mozilla 1.4 will be released soon (RSN), where these
'internal-gopher' are no longer supported. 

So, why not be consistent just do the right thing.
Use cachable images from l.m.o, with the right settings
so that standard compliant browsers work optimally, and that
old ones like NS4 still work.
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Alternate minimal patch

I rather prefer this patch.  We shouldn't penalize everyone else with redirects
and such for a non-standard extension that only we implement and that people
here don't even *like*.

Honestly, it's the sort of thing that could be tested on after
checkin and backed out if it doesn't work, but it needs to be tested
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Alternate minimal patch

Anyone care to check this in? (webtools patches don't need sr, so this is ready
to go)
timeless?  This is your bug...
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seems to be fixed
Yeah, this is fixed.
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