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Import of text (csv/tab) address book shows only 1st 36 fields



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15 years ago
6 years ago


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15 years ago
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When I do a address book import from a csv file with more than 36 fields, in 
this case created by Outlook export, the mapping of address book fields to 
import record fields only presents the 1st 36 fields of the import record. 
Making the remaining fields unavailable.

This would allow mapping fields that are not directly supported in Mozilla to be 
mapped to Mozilla Custom fields, overcoming some limitations such as the Oulook 
import, which drops unmatched fields, and has bugs such as not importing Notes 
(bug 157722)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Go to Address Book, Tools, Import, Address Book, next, text file, next

2.select a csv file with more than 36 fields or columns.

3.Import Address book mapping dialog appears

Actual Results:  
The mapping of address book fields to import record fields only presents the 1st 
36 fields of the import record. 

Expected Results:  
In this case where there are more fields in the import record than the Mozilla 
addressbook can store, I want to see all the import fields and all the 
Addressbook fields so I can map any 2 fields. 

There is some relationship to 117852
Product: Browser → Seamonkey

Comment 1

14 years ago
I see the same thing on thunderbird 1.0 rc1 - is it the same code these days?
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Product: Mozilla Application Suite → Core
QA Contact: nbaca → addressbook
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10 years ago
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 461401

Comment 3

9 years ago
In Tbird U2U support newsgroup, the workaround we have recommended is use of a spreadsheet application to adapt the export to better match the Tb fields.  What we seem to be lacking is user documentation of all 72 or so fields available in Abook.mab for use as a guide to re-structuring the *.csv in a spreadsheet environment.
Summary: Import csv address book shows only 1st 36 fields → Import of text (csv/tab) address book shows only 1st 36 fields
Duplicate of this bug: 507240

Comment 5

6 years ago
At least, it would be nice to see an obvious information like "Only the first 36 fields supported"!

But how much work would it be to fill up the Thunderbird field list with dummy entries like "NO IMPORT"?
I mean, if I have a CSV file with 50 fields, then this dialogue could offer the first 36 entries with TB fields and the following 14 with "no import" dummy fields. So the user could at least see and rearrange them.

This would have some advantages:
- More obvious and intuitive handling.
- No need for a workaround in a spreadsheet application.

Especially if you want to appeal to appeal to Outlook users that could ease migration, because direct Outlook PST import suffers several flaws.
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