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15 years ago
Seth made a good point that we need a way to tell which version of GRE is being
used by the browser.  This will make it easier to tell if a bug is simply due to
the browser running with an incompatible version of GRE.

We might not need a new Help|About GRE menu item, but something that will show
the full path and full version of the GRE currenly being used.  Maybe a blurb in
the Help|About Mozilla page would suffice.
Having a blurb in about:mozilla sounds much better (doesn't involve adding a new
menuitem to a menu that should be short).

Comment 2

15 years ago
I can add an API that can be called to return the string gre version if that
will be helpful.
Currently the about page is unprivileged; to put it on about: (not
about:mozilla, that's something else) you'd need to expose the information
somewhere like the navigator object.  Version is probably OK to expose this way,
but path names make people nervous.

The user agent is ultimately the right place if version-only info is sufficient
(and it should be -- if developers or testers need exact paths they can run a
tool like process explorer). Our user agent has a Mozilla part, a Gecko part and
an optional vendor token (e.g. Netscape). The different parts should start
earning their keep. I believe the Gecko/xxxxx value already comes from the
bowels of Gecko so that may mean it's the browser part that needs to accurately
identify its version.

Comment 4

15 years ago
there are two parts to this bug - 

(a) getting some way to programmically tell what version of the GRE you are
using.   (It can be argued that this problem is WONTFIX since at some point the
application code did know what version to use since that is how the application
starts using a GRE.)

(b) adding a menu or about page to reference this GRE version.  This could be
solved by modifing the UA.  However, I do think that the User Agent defined the
version of the GRE.  Therefore, if the UA says it is using version 1.3b -- that
is the version of the GRE not the mozilla client.


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15 years ago
based on no feedback, i am futuring. 
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11 years ago
mass reassigning to nobody.
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