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memory grows to 50MB/60MB, performance degrades


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I am running mozilla 1.2.1 on Red Hat Linux 8.0.94.

I have searched the bugzilla database and although there are similar problems
reported, it is not clear to me that this one has been report.

The memory "sizes" given below are those reported by the gnome-system-monitor
when monitoring the mozilla-bin process.

When I first start mozilla, it will show about 21MB total for the process.  As I
continue browsing this grows to 30MB to 40MB but still works fine.  Note that
clearing the memory cache has no effect.  Furthermore, I always go "back" to my
home page.

After a number of hours (sometimes minimized), the size will grow to over 50MB.
 Over time (sometimes overnight), this grows to somewhere between 55MB and 65MB.
 In the 60MB+ range, the mozilla browser begins to slow down.  Furthremore, if
the Edit->Preferences is selected, it does not come up.  At some point the
browser just stops doing anything.  In fact, doing File->Quit does not seem to
kill it.  I have had to kill the process to remove it.  When I then restart
mozilla, it works fine.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Leave it up for a long time doing browsing

Actual Results:  
preformance degrades (memory leak?)

Expected Results:  
Preformance remains good with memory usage remaining low

The system has dual PIII 900MHz processors with 900MB ram.
This is a known issue, Mozilla developers need some help on very precise steps
on how to reproduce the issue using latest build (1.2.1 is too old).
Unless you do so, this bug report will remain untouched or be marked INVALID.
Version: Trunk → Other Branch
Using 1.3, I'm quickly at 94MB after browsing (and returning from)
larger html pages (e.g., the W3C XML reference pages in html).
Deallocation problem ?
1.4rc2 does not have this particular problem anymore (although the 1.4x series
is particularly slow...). Typical usage on mentioned pages (comment #2) does 
not exceed 41M rss and 61 M vm anymore. Seems some problems have been fixed.
Its easy to recreate these problems using ReloadEvery firefox extension, we left
firefox running for a several days reloading the same page every 5 seconds, at
the end of it a single firefox window with just one open tab was using nearly
400mb of RAM. (Windows 2000)

Seems to increase with every reload then gradually drop but not as much as it
increases if you are quickly surfing through lots of pages.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
With a current trunk build, Mozilla eats up 100MB on startup, but I haven't seen
significant growth after that.

Anyway, there's not enough information here to diagnose or fix any memory leak,
as stated in comment 1.

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