changing minimum font size can reset default variable size to 16px



15 years ago
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(Reporter: Felix Miata, Unassigned)


(Depends on: 1 bug)

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15 years ago
Tested on 2003031308 W32 & 2003031312 OS/2

To reproduce:
1-Include in user.js 'user_pref("font.size.variable.x-western", 22);' (see bug 
187093, comment 0)(For convenience: use 22 for 1152x864 or higher resolution;
substitute 17 for 1024x768 or lower)
2-Start browser
3-Open above URL
4-Click on bottom-most link showing in viewport
5-Change minimum font size pref to some other setting (Do not disturb blank
variable size setting. That's bug 197372) 
6-Click back

Actual results:
1-Link you clicked is not the bottom-most link in viewport
2-Proportional font size is set to 16px

Expected results:
1-Link clicked remains positioned at bottom of viewport 
2-Proportional font size remains 22px (or 17px, whichever is set in user.js)

1-The impact of of a change from 17px default down to 16px is not
inconsequential. See bug 187256 attachment, which shows
that at 16px default, text size x-small is 10px and small is 13px, while at 17px
default, x-small is 13px. and small is 15px. There are many pages where this
apparently small difference between 16px and 17px makes  a disproportionally
large difference. Compare the two using
2- I set in userContent.css 'textarea { font-family: 'comic sans ms'
!important;font-size: 93% !important;}'. When the default is 17px, 93% comic
sans is bold. Then the default is 16px, 93% comic sans is not bold. This makes a
noticeable usability difference to me typing descriptions in Bugzilla.

Comment 1

15 years ago
> 'user_pref("font.size.variable.x-western", 22)

yeah, this confuses the UI because '22' is not in the drop down list (bug 197372).
There can be such troubles when manipulating the prefs by hand and expecting the
(automated) UI to recover from unexpected situations.
Depends on: 197372

Comment 2

15 years ago
Since bug 187093 was fixed, the likelihood of anyone actually encountering this
is reduced. Both 17px and 22px are now options via the prefs UI.

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