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Browser no longer responds to AppleEvent "openURL" from AppleScript


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Build Identifier: Mozilla 1.3 released versin for MacOS X

Since there is no Xwindows browser in MacOS X, and I run a lot of Xwindows
applications, I use a shell script as follows to pass any url from Xwindows
applications to Aqua:


if [ -f $1 ]; then

command="tell application \"Mozilla\" to openURL \"$url\""

osascript -e "$command"


Then, for example, I can set this script as the default browser for Xemacs, and
when I click on a url in my email, it fires the url to Mozilla running under
aqua.  Works great in 1.2.  However, it broke in the 1.3 series.  when I send
the url, Mozilla, if not running, launches and opens the home page.  If mozilla
is running, it comes to the front, but doesn't load the url.

As soon as Mozilla runs in XDarwin, I will not need this anymore!  ;-)

Thanks, I like Mozilla best!  Even though it is a little slower, it has many
features I can not live without.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. See details

Actual Results:  
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David, again see bug 197642, comment 1.
Summary: Browser no longer responds to apple event "openURL" from applescript. → Browser no longer responds to AppleEvent "openURL" from AppleScript
Greg, the bug you reference pertains to file: urls.  In general, the getURL is
passing http://<host>/<path> urls.  My script does detect file urls to translate
them from unix/posix to MacOS X, and I gues I have to change that to use ":"
separators.  But getURL doesn't work for http:, either.
"Mozilla, if not running, launches and opens the home page." is bug 192849

"If mozilla
is running, it comes to the front, but doesn't load the url." is this just spill
over of bug 197642?
I'm using Mozilla 1.3 final

I'm no technical wizard but this is waht I know: I'm using Mac OS 10.1.5, I have
Mozilla 1.3 set as my default browser and when I search in Sherlock (or clicking
a link in an e-mail from Eudora) and ask Mozilla to open the URL, Mozilla
doesn't act properly.  

Similar to earlier comments, if Mozilla isn't running, it starts up and only
shows the start page.  As an improvement over past comments though, if Moz is
running and a URL is requested, Moz comes forward, opens a new window, and loads
the URL requested.
Pat, you're experiencing bug 192849
This bug seems to be wandering.... 

We had support for OpenURL in at least Mozilla 1.0 (attached screenshot) but
scripts using OpenURL don't seem to work now.  The dictionary is also busted
(bug 184449) so I'm not sure if OpenURL is still expected to be there and is
broken or if we lost OpenURL along the way.
setting component to XP Apps
cc:'ing sfraser, mozilla applescript guru
Component: Browser-General → XP Apps
Just a note that I am running 1.3b and it works in this version.  In 1.3 it is
The following change works for me:

command="tell application \"Mozilla\" to open location \"$url\""
Keywords: regression
This is fixed now.
Closed: 20 years ago
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Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
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