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15 years ago
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15 years ago
If the SMTP session stalls in the startup/greeting phase, then the entire UI of
moz will hang.  I have a MILTER plugin for sendmail that will hang the
connection until the milter plugin is ready to process the transaction. 
Yesterday I forgot to re-enable it and mozilla promptly hung repeatedly when the
SMTP server was waiting for the milter plugin to react.

What env LOG variable is there to do a verbose log of mozilla's SMTP activity?

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15 years ago
I've seen this bug, or a similar bug, on Win 98 SE, Mozilla 1.3 final. It
appeared suddenly yesterday evening -- sending a mail caused every Mozilla
window to hang (turn grey). Had to kill moz with  Ctl-Alt-Del. Happened again
repeatedly this morning, despite a reinstall, and despite deactivating Norton
Antivirus and Internet Security. I was able to send the mail with Eudora without
problem. I tried emptying my trash and compacting all folders, with no effect. 
POP3 is working. I have spam controls activated -- could there be a bizarre
interaction there? I'm also using 1.3 final at work on Suse Linux (8.0), and
haven't seen this behaviour yet. I had been running moz 1.3 at home since beta days.
If there's any log info I can gather to elucidate this bug, please let me know.  
I would recommend raising the priority of this bug to "critical" or "blocker" --
I will have to use another program to send mail until it's fixed.

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15 years ago
Some additional info -- the problem only seems to appear using a particular SMTP
server (mail.gmx.net). Using another account with another server I had no
problem sending mail -- also with Norton Anti-Virus outgoing mail check. Perhaps
my primary mail provider (gmx) has changed its SMTP server recently?

Here's the output from a terminal SMTP session with mail.gmx.net:

telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 {mp013-rz3} GMX Mailservices ESMTP
HELO jentro.com
250 {mp013-rz3} GMX Mailservices
MAIL FROM <jlweb@gmx.net>
451 {mp013-rz3} Need to authenticate via POP3 first
221 {mp013-rz3} GMX Mailservices
Connection closed by foreign host.

Could it be that the extra string in curled braces {mp013-rz3} is confusing the
Mozilla mailer? When I open a terminal to the mail server at work I don't see that.

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15 years ago
Another update - when I changed my SMTP settings to "Never use SSL" from "Use
SSL if available, that fixed the problem. It would seem that the GMX mail server
was barfing on those settings.

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15 years ago
Sounds about right.  My server runs SSL and I require SMTP AUTH to relay through
it (to send mail), so it looks like when an SSL session stalls or delays, it
does something to perm. break the UI requiring a restart.

Comment 5

15 years ago
Hi John, 

great job. I confirm your statement. I have exactly the same problems. Same
smtp-server (smtp.gmx.net). It really seems that GMX has changed their SMTP
server configuration in respect to SSL support.

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15 years ago
This is a kind of urgent plea for attention.  This bug affects any user that has
a slow link (dialup) or happens to run into a slow SMTP server.  (With below
qualifications too)

When I'm out roaming, mozilla mail is useless to me for sending email.  Once I
attempt to send, I have to kill mozilla and restart it.  That's really horrible.

If anyone is interested in debugging it, I can provide feedback and an account
to test it with.
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10 years ago
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10 years ago
still see this problem?
QA Contact: nbaca → networking.smtp
Whiteboard: closeme 2008-10-25
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10 years ago
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