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20 years ago
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20 years ago
the M11 solaris 7 binaries are all linked with many solaris
installations do not install this library. it's even recommended in the
solaris2 FAQ that newly compiled programs should not use this (buggy)
library, but instead should use "native" solaris2/SYSV system calls.
Assignee: brendan → dmose
Dan, can you take this one?  Cc'ing mcafee, he's solaris-savvy too.

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20 years ago
lxr didn't turn up any obvious uses of -lucb .. ?
Component: All → Build Config
Product: Architecture → Browser
Version: 5.0 → other

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20 years ago
Mike, what browser did you use to submit this bug?
Which version?

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20 years ago
netscape communicator 4.6 running on solaris 7

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19 years ago
[richb - 4/20/00]
This is definitely still true for Mozilla built on Solaris with Gnu compilers.
It's probably dependent on where ./configure is getting ld from. ie:

checking for ld... (cached) /usr/ucb/ld

It would be worth trying to build Mozilla with the Gnu compilers with 
/usr/ccs/bin on your PATH before (or instead of) /usr/ucb.

Note also that the Solaris Mozilla builds generated with the
Sun Workshop 5.0 compilers do not have this problem.
Interesting.  I was never able to reproduce this problem, and it was probably
because my PATH is set differently than the client build accounts.

So perhaps the right fix is to have notice when it's running on
Solaris and forcibly eject /usr/ucb from it's PATH before doing any tests.


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19 years ago
[richb - 4/24/00]
> So perhaps the right fix is to have notice when it's running on
> Solaris and forcibly eject /usr/ucb from it's PATH before doing any tests.

Or alternatively, automatically force ld to be obtained from /usr/ccs/bin 
for the Solaris platform.
Reassigning Solaris-specific bugs to richb.
Assignee: dmose → rich.burridge

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19 years ago
richb: doesn't GNU have its own "ld"?  If so, it might be installed in 
/usr/local or somewhere else.  If that's the case, then forcibly using 
/usr/ccs/bin/ld wouldn't be ideal.

I thought GNU had its own ld, but not sure.  Maybe somebody knows?  (Dan? Some 
Sun person?)

If other ld's are valid, then I think it's a good idea to remove /usr/ucb from 
the path during configure time, so that it's not available for linking.

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19 years ago
[richb - 5/29/00]
George, I've asked Sherry Shen to investigate this one, but I can add in this:
1/ The /pkg hierarchy that we get from, includes a gnu
   subdirectory, and there is no ld in the /pkg/gnu/bin directory.
2/ The nightly builds that Kevin Lee is doing in 
   /net/tuffy/export/home/MOZILLA/ make sure that ld is picked up from 
   /usr/ccs/bin and there is no dynamically linked in.

I think the right fix here is for configure to check if it's running on 
Solaris, and if yes, force ld to be obtained from /usr/ccs/bin.

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19 years ago
Reassigning to Sherry Shen.
Assignee: rich.burridge → sherry.shen


19 years ago

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19 years ago
I studied this problem and found that

 (1) The is linked in old binaries (M11),  but not on new 
 ones (M15) for Solaris from the web download in

 (2) The is not linked in the M15 binaries of my own build 
 with use of GNU compiler on Solaris since I did not have /usr/ucb in 
 my PATH and /usr/ccs/bin/ld is used.  When I added /usr/ucb in my 
 PATH before /usr/ccs/bin and built M15 again, I do see /usr/ucb/ld 
 is used and is linked in.  

 (3) The mozilla/configure picked first ld in the $PATH during the build
 configure.  I modified it to ignore /usr/ucb when picking up ld for Solaris,
 which did not solve the problem even though /usr/ccs/bin/ld is picked
 in top level build configure.  I found several some other configure and 
 make files below the top level pick  their own ld from $PATH. 

 (4) This problem did not appear on Linux since it uses /usr/bin/ld.

Hence, I think that we should tell the builder not to put /usr/ucb in the 
PATH for Solaris in order to avoid the linkage of the   I will
leave this bug as WONTFIX here.
Last Resolved: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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