Filters on IMAP mail stop working, apparenlty ehen encountering nulls in a Subject line



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Windows 98

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This problem has been occuring at random intervals on two different systems,
using two different versions of Windows.  Accessing an IMAP mail server, we have
filters setup to minimize spam.  Filters delete spam and move the rest of the
mail to a local folder.  When the problem occurs no mail is moved to the lcoal
folder, and no mail is visible on the IMAP account either.  Netscape does play
the sound as if there were mail there, and a message flashes at the bottom of
the window that it is laoding message 1 of n, but no messages, or only 1, are

Turning off all message filters allows all the messages to be viewed on the IMAP
server, and then tunring the filters back on allows things to process normally
in subseequent sessions.

By debugging from the mail sevrer side, it appears that the problem starts when
a spam message with ASCII nulls in the Subject line is encountered by the
filters.   To resotre functionality it is necessary to turn off all filters, so
that the problem messsages become visible anc can be deleted.  But it appears
that the problem will recur the next time someone sends a message with nulls.

I cannot create such a problem message to test, but the random nature of the
problem and the trace and alysiss of the mail when the probel m recurred today
seem like the nulls may be the cause.  Deleting the problem messsages at the
server side alone did not fix the problem, so it appears that filter processing
was messed up.  Closing Netscape and reinitializing it after the problem
messages were removed from the IMAP mail queue did eliminate the problem.

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create mail message filters to delete or move messages depending on subject
2.  We suspect that a message with ASCII nulls in the subject line is the cause
of the problem
3.  Read the mail from an IMAP server
4.  If the problem exists you will not see any new mail

Actual Results:  
You do not see any new mail.  You do hear NS sound a tone indicating that mail
is present.  You can see a message flash by that NS is tyring to download 1 of n

Expected Results:  
Properly deelted or moved the messages.
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