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Problems Unstuffing Download of M11


(SeaMonkey :: Build Config, defect, P3)

Mac System 8.5


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: hfpier0, Assigned: jj.enser)


I had trouble unstuffing the following files during download of M11:
	pref_applications.dtd or pref-applications.dtd (sorry handwriting was bad)
	strres_test.js or strres-test.js (sorry handwriting was bad)

For each problem my Norton program would say that there was an error during scan.
Also, by the way, this is the second attempt to download.  During the previous
attempt I got similar messages but I remember the notices being for different
files than those listed above.  I tried to re-download so I could give you an
accurate detail of which files didn't unstuff.

Additionally, When I first downloaded and tried M11 I could not view .xml files
on my friends page  The same
friend recommended I try Mozilla.

Hope You Can Help,
Howard Pieratt
Assignee: mitchell → jj
This is a build issue. Changing product and component. Assigning to jj.
I believe the problem is that different versions of stuffit have trouble
working with each other. I think the answer is to use the same version
that we do or something that's compatable with it. JJ can verify.

This is an ongoing problem. Lets come up with a writeup on this to add
to the README on the ftp site and to the mozilla pgunn so he
can add something to the faq if its not there already.
Component: Miscellaneous → Build Config
Product: → Browser
JJ, can you list the encoding tool you used (which version of StuffIt) and that 
we encode with macbinary?  Mail that off to endico and then you can close this 
bug and get it off the radar.
The Mac bits we upload get compressed (producing .sea files) using Stuffit Engine 
v4.5, then encoded to MacBinary II (.bin) with Fetch.
Stuffit Expander 4.5 and above should decode and decompress these files.

Since we have been notified of problems decoding the .bin files in the past, I 
switched the encoding method to BinHex (.hqx, larger files but more recognized 

A few months elapsed since the download/decoding complaints we received, and new 
versions of Stuffit and Stuffit Expander have been released since then.

I recommend that if some Mac users still have problems, they download the latest 
version of freeware Stuffit Expander (currently 5.5) from the following url:
then make sure they use this version to open the '.bin' file. (Communicator might 
still automatically open their old copy until they update their Preferences/
Applications, or manually delete the old Stuffit Expander)

For M14, we should be able to use MacBinary (.bin) files and no longer BinHex 
(.hqx) to standardize the file format with what we use internally, and save disk 
space / download time.
I switched the automation to produce .bin files instead of .hqx (one more time!)
This will affect nightly builds starting tomorrow, at: ...
and milestones builds, starting with M14, at:

Dawn, please update any related link on the documentation pages.

If users, including the reporter of this bug, still report any error or problem 
downloading/decoding these bits, they should contact me directly so we can nail 
this one down once and for all.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Adding verifyme keyword
Keywords: verifyme
Not going to verify this because I've never had unstuffing problems (except for
two weeks ago when every archive of M14 I downloaded failed to unstuff). Working
fine last week and tonight. I'd suggest moving to Stuffit Expander 5.5 and
MacBinary III before release - most users should have the required decompression
software by then and you might get smaller file sizes.
M14 almost frozen, verifying b/c no problems in any M14/preliminary-M15 compressed archives. Can reopen if uncompression problems 
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Keywords: verifyme
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