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"-splash" command-line option (and probably also others) causes URL argument to be ignored


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When the "-splash" option is specified as the last option on the command-line,
Mozilla ignores the following URL argument.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. in Linux, make sure Mozilla's not running (not necessary in Windoze, because
running mozilla(.exe) again just opens another window)
2. execute "mozilla -splash" - works as if no URL was

Actual Results:  
Mozilla starts up as if "mozilla -splash" was executed, ie. it doesn't open the
URL specified.

Expected Results:  
Mozilla should open the URL specified the same way it does when "mozilla" is executed (this time, "-splash" was omitted). Well,
with the additional splash screen shown, which is not default in Linux. ;-)

The analysis shows the "-splash" option sometimes screws up the command-line
parsing process. (Please note this bug "works" both in Linux and Windoze (not
sure about other OSes), even when the "-splash" option has no effect in Windoze
as the splash screen is shown by default there (like it couldn't do the same in

Separating the offending "-splash" option with other options (eg. "-width <arg>"
and/or "-height <arg>") fixed thigs alll right. That is, executing "mozilla
-splash -width 500 -height 500" works fine as if no
"-splash" was present (in the terms of the problems caused by the option, the
splash is, of course, shown as one might expect).

Other options might have the same effect, I can report the same bug being
caused, for example, by "-nosplash".

This might look like a dupe of the bug #58523. But the "effects" of both bugs
are different, even though their source might be similar if not the same.
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