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spellcheck should not check quoted text (plain text compose)


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Bug 173046 fixed the spellchecker to not spellcheck quoted text, since you don't
really want, by default - to spellcheck text you didn't write. This fix only
applied to html mail compose.

This bug is being logged to request a fix for plain text compose.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Summary: spellcheck sahould not check quoted for (plain text (plaintext) compose) → spellcheck should not check quoted for (plain text (plaintext) compose)
Summary: spellcheck should not check quoted for (plain text (plaintext) compose) → spellcheck should not check quoted text (plain text compose)
Blocks: 108194
This isn't a composer bug; it's a mail bug  -->
Assignee: composer → ducarroz
Component: Editor: Composer → Composition
Product: Browser → MailNews
QA Contact: cpetersen0953 → esther
Hi All,

    I just checked out Netscape 7.1's spell checker XPI in 1.4 general release.
And, it works.  Doesn't check quoted text either.


p.s. checking quoted text makes us all look rather amateurish to our customers.
This band-aid will help us all save face until this bugs FINALLY gets fixed
I care about this for thunderbird. re-assigning. Maybe JF can show me how easy
it is to add a wrapper tag around quoted plain text replies which the spell
check engine can key off of. 
Assignee: ducarroz → scott
Blocks: bms
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How can 7.1 do this?

That implies the spellchecker knows that it is quoted text...

anyone want to look at the NS source code? :)
The spellchecker knows nothing about skipping ... it's a filter registered on
the TextServices module ... the one used by Composer/Mail's spellchecker lives in:

Mike 7.1 does not skip replies to plain text compose either. This is an open bug
that needs to be fixed. Which is why I assigned it to myself. We have to do some
work in plain text compose to make this techincally possible. 
Hi Scott,

   Check out (my) comment #2.  My Netscape 7.1 spell checker does indeed skip
plain text quoted messages.  Have you tested it lately?  Maybe you are using 
Mozilla 1.5 alpha?

Are you sure you were not inside an HTML editor instance? Using NS7.1 with the
spell checker with plain text does not work for me. You must have the Use HTML
compose checkbox turned off in Account Settings for the account you are replying
from to truly be in plain text compose.

I can assure you from working "on the other side" that this code does not exist
at all. We need to wrap plain text replies just like HTML compose does with the
block=cite tag to make editor skip over these elements before handing the text
off to the compose window.

Anyway arguing about that is moot and has no bearing on the fact that we want to
fix this and I'm planning on doing so for Thunderbird.

Let's focus on the fix. 

I have a fix for this feature. 

Kin, it turns out editor already wraps quoted material for plain text with a pre
or a span tag:

and editor sets a value of _moz_quote="true" on the pre or the span attribute.

I thought I was going to have to write code to wrap plain text quoted material
in a tag.

Knowing this made the rest of the bug easy to fix. I added a few more atoms to
nsComposeTxtSrvFilter to check for this additional information.

Patch coming up. 
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the fix for plain text

==== I'd lose the "Quote" in mPreQuoteAtom and mSpanQuoteAtom, but it's up to

==== Can you line up the comments you added in the .h file?
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the fix for plain text 


same comment as kin :)
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fixed (with the review comments). 
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Confirmed fixed, 200308081, mailnews & thunderbird, linux/x86.
Does the fix also include *not* checking the "Written by Miscrean Splleler on
Aug 1, 2003" line that it at the front of every reply/forward quote block
This bug consistently reoccurs when the Enigmail extension is installed.
Tested on Mozilla 1.5 20030925, Enigmail (
Product: MailNews → Core
I still seem to be having this problem in thunderbird 1.5. Is there something that needs to be done to enable the fix?
Product: Core → MailNews Core
I still see this in Version 31.1.2 (packaged in Ubuntu) when replying to plain text emails.  

Spellcheck is checking the whole message.
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