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Column sort behavior should parallel mailnews


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0.8.26 Linux & OS/2

In mailnews, clicking a headers column heading causes a sort on that column.
Clicking the same column header again turns the triangle upside down, reversing
the sort order.

In CZ, sort ascending and sort descending are accompanied by a strange third
click option that removes the triangle from all columns. When the nick column is
selected for "non" sort, the first item listed is the alphabetical lowest
(closest to a), the last item listed is the alphabetical highest (closest to
zzzzzz), and all items in between are reverse alpha sorted.

The third, "non" sort option has a perplexing purpose and should either be
eliminated or made random.
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The natural order of the channel list is the order the server sent them to us,
which, I believe, is the join order.  I don't know if that order is interesting
enough to include in the sort options or not.
Attachment 121064 [details] shows the "natural" "un" sorted order looks like a broken
reverse alpha sort, a repeatable order that users simply aren't going to find a
use for or understand. I doubt that joins are always a* followed by perfect
reverse alpha except for z* last like the ss shows.
I now see that join order is the apparent sort order when selecting another
channel while the triangle is missing. But, as soon as you start clicking the
nick header to change the sort order, you do not again get the join order when
the triangle disappears. Instead you get what the screenshot shows and comment 4
describes. Join order might be useful to some, but what user would understand
why/that join order is only possible when a channel tab is freshly selected?
Either make join order redisplay when cycling through the sort options, or
eliminate it.
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patch v1

will be included in latest xpi
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marking fixed, 0.8.34 checked in.
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