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Clean up of <ulink>s.


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Clean up <ulink>s so that

 <ulink url=""></ulink>


 <ulink url=""/>

Patch coming up...
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Hope I nailed them all. The fixes for bug 203160 are also included in this

I fixed a few minor typos and reworded text in a few places as I thought it
sounded better.

For consistency I have changed all references to b.m.o bugs to be of the form

 "see bug <ulink url="...=######">######</ulink>"
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Patch 1.0

>Index: administration.xml
>-      outside the webroot. See
>-      <ulink url="">bug
>+      outside the webroot. See bug
>+      <ulink url="">
>       44659</ulink> for more information.
>       </para>
I'd prefer to keep the word "bug" as part of the hyperlink as it is more
consistant with what Bugzilla does. I noticed this in many places, but I won't
mention each one :)

>Index: faq.xml
>-	    Try Klaas Freitag's excellent patch for "whineatassigned" functionality.
>-	    You can find it at <ulink
>-            url=""/>. This
>+	    Try Klaas Freitag's excellent patch for "whineatassigned"
>+            functionality. You can find it at bug <ulink
>+            url="">6679</ulink>. This
"attached to bug 6679"

>Index: installation.xml
>-      <ulink url="">
>+      <ulink url=""/>
As I'm sure you're already aware, this is already in :)

Everything else looked good... sorry it took so long to get to this...
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Attached patch Patch 1.1Splinter Review
Okay, addressed all your comments. In the process discovered a lot of places
where there were double spaces in a sentence and consequently fixed those as
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Patch 1.1

The double spaces after are period are technically correct for the English
language (at least that's what they told me in English class), but being that
DocBook (and HTML) ignore extra whitespace their existance doesn't really
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Checked in.

Also, added your name to the list of contributors (it obviously won't appear on
the web page until I recompile the docs again).
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