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(since my last attempt apparently failed)

We need to document what the various embedding packages available on
are, either on the web site or the ftp server.  From earlier email:

A zip file which has the "base embedding distribution" i.e. the minimal set of
files required to run a client (such as MfcEmbed) which embeds Gecko. No
installer involved here. One just unzips and runs MfcEmbed.

>> gre-win32-installer.exe
Windows standalone GRE installer, which installs a specific version of a GRE.
This installer is used by the GRE enabled Mozilla/NS installers. Also, used by
MfcEmbed installer, please see below

An installer which installs the GRE enabled MfcEmbed application. This installer
also contains the standalone GRE installer.The MfcEmbed installer will install a
GRE(by running the GRE installer) if one is not already present on the users
system. It skips the GRE installer part if it finds a compatible GRE already
installed on the users system

I _think_ this zip file has just the Gecko interfaces which are currently marked
as FROZEN. If that's the case, no, it's not a complete embedable gecko SDK. Doug?

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14 years ago
Still needed?
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This doesn't really belong in the MDC product.
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10 years ago
I think MDC has this covered, and most of those packages no longer exist anyway.
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