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long long warning from prtypes.h


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Can we please get rid of the many-line warning that appears on every compile of
every file using the gecko sdk?  

In file included from /usr/local/lib/mozilla-sdk/xpcom/include/nscore.h:43,
                 from /usr/local/lib/mozilla-sdk/xpcom/include/nsrootidl.h:11,
                 from /usr/local/lib/mozilla-sdk/xpcom/include/nsISupports.h:10,
[ ... ]
/usr/local/lib/mozilla-sdk/nspr/include/prtypes.h:372: warning: ISO C++ does not
support `long long'
<akk> /usr/local/lib/mozilla-sdk/nspr/include/prtypes.h:373: warning: ISO C++
does not support `long long'

I see this on some files in the mozilla tree with the default flags, and also
when building external moz sdk components with the makefile flags recommended in
bug 201549.

I see there are a bunch of #defines around this in prtypes, so windows people
don't have to see the warning.  Can we get the long long stuff turned off for
gcc too?  Or if there's a reason that we really want it, can we get the default
mozilla build flags, and the recommended sdk flags, changed to include
-Wno-long-long or whatever is needed, so people don't get a bad first impression
of the mozilla sdk?
long long is necessary to implement the PRInt64 and
PRUint64 types.  We can't turn it off.  Also, long
long became a standard C type in the 1999 revision
of the C Standard (also known as "C99"), so this
warning will go away in a future release of the

We should figure out a way to suppress this warning
or find out the compiler flag that causes the compiler
to warn about long long.  Are you using the -pedantic flag?
Yes, it turns out I had -pedantic set.  Not sure from where I copied that; not
Doug's example and not one of my projects, so it probably came from some xpcom
article somewhere.  And I definitely have seen it in building the mozilla tree
(not having set anything to -pedantic myself), but searching lxr for pedantic, I
see a ton of entries in mac buld files, but other than that only stuff in, security, and xpcom.  Maybe it's in xpcom that I've been hitting it.

Bummer that we can't turn it off or flag it somehow, since it's such a verbose
warning and shows up all over if pedantic gets turned on ...
With gcc 3.2.x at least there's a -std= option that might be useful.
akkana is this INVALID now?
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Marked the bug WONTFIX.  Current compilers should allow
'long long'.
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