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GCC 3.3 type-punning/strict-aliasing warnings (in <js*.c>)


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(Reporter: tenthumbs, Assigned: brendan)


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(Keywords: js1.5)

So gcc has a new class of warnings. At least it tells you about them.

warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules
Reassigning; cc'ing JS experts -
Assignee: rogerl → khanson
Many of these occur because of this idiom (jsfun.c:789 is typical):

    JSScopeProperty *sprop;
    if (!js_LookupProperty(..., (JSProperty **)&sprop)) {...}

I think this is a bit too tricky (and gcc agrees). A union would seem 
appropriate here.
There's nothing tricky going on, and a union is not the solution.  The parameter
is a JSProperty **, so that's what should be passed.  The caller can then
downcast the resulting JSProperty * to JSScopeProperty *:

    JSProperty *prop;
    JSScopeProperty *sprop;

    ok = OBJ_LOOKUP_PROPERTY(cx, obj, id, &pobj, &prop);
    if (ok && OBJ_IS_NATIVE(pobj)) {
        sprop = (JSScopeProperty *) prop;
        do something peculiar to native objects with pobj and sprop;

I'll fix this.


Assignee: khanson → brendan
Keywords: js1.5
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.5alpha
The tricky part I was referring to is treating a address 
of a JSScopeProperty* as the address of a JSProperty *. A union is one 
way to fix that. You found another. Note that this won't fix all the
warnings but some of them seem silly.
Right, a union of pointer types would do the trick, but an undiscriminated union
not the right thing, because the downcast is safe only if OBJ_IS_NATIVE(pobj) --
i.e., the arms of the union can't be used equivalently in all code after the
result param propagates out of the call site.  A poor man's dynamic cast, in C,
is bound to be ugly.

bbaetz: isn't this a dup of another bug?  I recall asking you why (in C code)
the compiler has to worry about a JSProperty** out parameter not being
equivalent to a JSScopeProperty ** parameter.

brandan: Yeah, I think this is a dupe. Foo* and Bar* are compatable if one is a
prefix of teh other, but not Foo**/Bar**.
Maybe we could make this bug depend on the other bug, make the other bug a metabug.

baetz: in C (not C++), how could the double-indirection matter?

because the standard says so. Or rather, it doesn't say that they are compatable
types, so they're not

Actually, rereading the standard, c99 says that two pointer types are
compatible if they point to compatible types. This is a recursive definition, so
maybe they are compatible. Did anyone ever ask the GCC people to confirm these

For C++, the requirement is that the two objects have the same dynamic type.
Foo* decays to Bar* given inheritance, but not Foo** to Bar**. Theres no
explciit rule for pointers that I can see. Thats the draft though, so it may
have changed
Ok, so before I spend time hacking a patch, can someone who knows GCC people
ask? Cc'ing dbaron.

bbaetz is more likely to know gcc people than I am.
I think the issue here is the storage size of pointers. JS is implicitly
assuming that all pointers have the same size so it treats them as
interchangeable.  I doubt the standards make that assumption so I can
understand why gcc emits a strictness warning.

The "proper" solution probably is to make JSProperty be a structure or union
of all the possible property structures, but that's a lot of work. The quick
fix is to use a union to explicitly tell gcc that it's ok to have two
pointers occupy the same space.

As a test, I applied this patch which explicitly tells gcc what's happening
and the warning is quelled. Something like this is relatively easy to do.

--- jsfun.c     2003-04-23 10:02:30.000000000 -0400
+++ 2003-05-29 06:26:45.000000000 -0400
@@ -768,6 +768,7 @@
     uintN attrs, slot, nslots, spflags;
     jsval *vp, value;
     intN shortid;
+    union { JSScopeProperty *sprop; JSProperty *prop;} uprop;
     fp = (JSStackFrame *) JS_GetPrivate(cx, obj);
     if (!fp)
@@ -786,16 +787,16 @@
     if (!atom)
         return JS_FALSE;
     if (!js_LookupProperty(cx, funobj, (jsid)atom, &obj2,
-                           (JSProperty **)&sprop)) {
+                           (JSProperty **)&uprop.prop)) {
         return JS_FALSE;
-    if (sprop && OBJ_IS_NATIVE(obj2)) {
-        propid = sprop->id;
-        getter = sprop->getter;
-        attrs = sprop->attrs & ~JSPROP_SHARED;
-        slot = (uintN) sprop->shortid;
-        OBJ_DROP_PROPERTY(cx, obj2, (JSProperty *)sprop);
+    if (uprop.sprop && OBJ_IS_NATIVE(obj2)) {
+        propid = uprop.sprop->id;
+        getter = uprop.sprop->getter;
+        attrs = uprop.sprop->attrs & ~JSPROP_SHARED;
+        slot = (uintN) uprop.sprop->shortid;
+        OBJ_DROP_PROPERTY(cx, obj2, (JSProperty *)uprop.prop);
         if (getter == js_GetArgument || getter == js_GetLocalVariable) {
             if (getter == js_GetArgument) {
                 vp = fp->argv;
Theres the one-structure-is-a-prefix-of-the-other exception though, which does
make the types compatable.

I guess I'll post to the gcc lists this weekend, then.
tenthumbs: a union is not necessary or desirable.  A downcast to a separate
variable of the more restrictive type, after testing the discriminant, is ok.

But I thought standard C said all pointers (save function pointers) were of the
same width, or something like that.  We have low-level code in NSPR and JS that
depends on being able to fit a pointer in a long (typedef'd as PRWord
[deprecated] or PRPtrdiff). C99 had some better type, but I don't keep up with
the C standard.  Anyone know the latest?

bbaetz, any reply from the gcc list?

Blocks: buildwarning
Hmm, missed this one. I'll send mail tomorrow.
Ping.  I still claim these are bogus warnings for C, for the pattern in question.

> I still claim these are bogus warnings for C, for the pattern in question.

I'm not sure. The question is whether any group of allowed compiler statement
reorderings will produce bad code. I am sure that it will be very expensive to
verify correct behavior for every code and compiler change. It just seems more
efficient to fix it once and move on to something interesting.
Target Milestone: mozilla1.5alpha → Future
Based what I think I understand form bug 212082, these warnings may be correct.
 Namely, as bbaetz, says, the types JSProperty** and JSScopeProperty** are not
compatible.  So, the requirement is that you only dereference the pointer using
a compatible type.  This means that you can cast JSScopeProperty** to
JSProperty** and be ok, but you have to cast back to JSScopeProperty** before
reading or writing the memory pointed to ( see also ).

In this case, jsfun.c line 789, a JSScopeProperty** is cast to a JSProperty**
and passed to js_LookupProperty.  Now, here at jsobj.c line 2381:

                *propp = NULL;

writes to the memory pointed to using the incompatible type JSProperty**. Also,
at line 2421:

                            if (!ok || *propp)

the memory is read through an incompatible type.  I'm not sure whether anything 
similar happens via the OBJ_LOOKUP_PROPERTY() macro.

One thing I'm not clear on is whether reordering could happen at the jsfun.c
call site based on the compiler seeing that it's passing a JSProperty** to
js_LookupProperty and then later reading sprop as a JSScopeProperty*.  Could it
really see those operations as independent?

cc'ing Wolfgang who seems to understand this much better than anyone :) Can you
please shed some light on the question above?
Summary: GCC 3.3 type-punning warnings → GCC 3.3 type-punning warnings (in <js*.c>)
Summary: GCC 3.3 type-punning warnings (in <js*.c>) → GCC 3.3 type-punning/strict-aliasing warnings (in <js*.c>)
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