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nsBlockAccessible inheritence incorrect with respect to documents


(Core :: Disability Access APIs, defect)

Windows 2000
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(Reporter: aaronlev, Assigned: aaronlev)



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nsDocAccessible should inherit from nsBlockAccessible.
nsOuterDocAccessible should inherit from nsAccessibleWrap.

It is nsDocAccessible that might have overlapping children. nsOuterDocAccessible
only ever has 1 child, the nsDocAccessible.

This was a mistake I created when I mad 2 accessible objects for the inner and
outer document objects.
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Attachment #124239 - Flags: review?(kyle.yuan)
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Fixes inheritence

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Fixes inheritence

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checked in
Closed: 21 years ago
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Fixes inheritence

Seeking a= for accessibility patch that has baked on the trunk for 2 weeks.
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Fixes inheritence

moving approval request forward.
Attachment #124239 - Flags: approval1.4? → approval1.4.x?
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Fixes inheritence

a=mkaply for 1.4.1.
Attachment #124239 - Flags: approval1.4.x? → approval1.4.x+
please add the fixed1.4.1 keyword when this is checked in.
Flags: blocking1.4.x+
According to Bonsai, this approved patch is still not checked in for 1.4.1.
I'm not planning to check it in.

I never got enough approvals on other accessibilty bugs to make it worth it. This alone isn't going 
to make 1.4 accessible.

On with accessibility in the trunk I say. Own it and check it in, if you want. Sun might be interested.
CCing mkaply, since he has set the blocking1.4.x+ flag.
Same as Aaron said, we are also interested to move *all* of the accessibility
patches from trunk to 1.4 branch. Only 3 patches won't make the accessibility
feature much better.
Which patches are these? Shouldn't they be "blocking1.4.x+", too?
The list is fairly long:

a= bug 207171: nsBlockAccessible inheritence is wrong, affects
AccessibleObjectFromPoint() -- Must add #include "nsIContent.h to
a= bug 207486: should not report state_expanded for non-container tree nodes
a= bug 207554: crash in nshtmlselectoptionaccessible::getaccnextsibling() -
a? bug 207950: add capabilities to ISimpleDOMNode -- has what Freedom Sci needs
(patch is messed up, need to make sure it gets get_localInterface)
a? bug 207487: not reporting accessible name for xul <textbox>es
a? bug 208265: accessibility can crash after profile manager window closes
a? bug 208781: No accessible focus events fired for list items in profile manager.
a? bug 208812: fire internal nsIObserver accessibility event for internal xpcom
accessibility clients, don't forget to add nsIAccessibleCaret.h to
a= bug 208460: get rid of nsIDOM3Node.h dependency
a? bug 208922: Make nsIAccessNode consumable for in process accessibility clients
a? bug 210069: fix in process accessibility events to not leak
a? bug 209990: fixes more instability
a? bug 208898: Fire accessible events for interal accessibiltiy clients for all
new documents and windows that are created
a? bug 208803: need xp way to destroy doc accessibles in cache when docs go
away. Also works with internal accessibility clients. 

We still have 10 bugs in the waiting list. (I've marked most of them
blocking1.4.x? today).
Flags: blocking1.4.x+
Attachment #124239 - Flags: approval1.4.x+
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