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Browser fails to show whitespace / Copied text contains unexpected whitespace




15 years ago
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(Reporter: Kevin Ar18, Assigned: jag (Peter Annema))


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15 years ago
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When you double click on a word in Mozilla, it highlights the word.  If there is
a whitespace after the wond, Mozilla does not show it highlighted, however if
you hit copy it will copy the whitespace.  Mozilla needs to highlight the
whitespace after the word when you double click on it.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
For an an example of this, bug, I'll refer you to the page where I first noticed
it: http://www.webxpertz.net/forums/member.php3?s=&action=getinfo&userid=796

1. Double click on "CSSAvenger" and right click on it and select copy.
2. Now paste that data into a form in your browser or a single line form
somewhere on your computer.
Actual Results:  
You will notice that although there was no space highlighted after the word,
when you copied and pasted it, Mozilla copied the whitespace after the word.

Expected Results:  
Mozilla should highligh the whitespace after the word.

Mozilla handles non-breaking spaces just fine.
1. For an example, go to
http://www.webxpertz.net/forums/member.php3?s=&action=getinfo&userid=796 once again.
2. Look at the row labeled location where it says "Just a bit too far north of
the guy with the cleaning chamois"
3. Double click on the word chamois
4. Copy it.
5. Paste it into a form in your browser or a single line field in some program
on your computer.
You will notice that the text highlighted the space after the word and when you
copied it the space also got copied.  Mozilla should do the same for whitespace.

Comment 1

15 years ago
Can someone check this in Linux and/or Mac to see if it affects other platforms?
Keywords: qawanted

Comment 2

14 years ago
Here's a new testpage:

There are actually two problems.
1. The browser fails to show whitespace that is present in the html source code
when you highlight some text.  Thus, when you copy the text, you get unwanted
space(s) in the text you copied that you never knew were there.  I'm not sure if
the solution is to stop the browser from copying the whitespace or to show it as
being highlighted.
2. The second issue involves when a word is at the end of a line (in the html
code).  Highlighting and copying that word causes an whitespace to be inserted
at the end of the word.  Since the html code has no whitespace, it should not do

First way: (whitespace before the word in the html code).
1) Find at the top where it says  "Jayfromtaiwan" (just below the calendar).
2) Start your select before the beginning of the word "Jayfromtaiwan" in the
blank white area.
3) Highlight up to the colon.
4) Copy and past into some text editor.
You get a space before the word.
There should not be a space before the word (because the highlight in Mozilla
did not show it), or Mozilla should show that whitespace.  I'm not sure which is
the better solution.

Second way to reproduce: (whitespace incorrectly added to copied text)
1) Double click on the colon next to the word "Jayfromtaiwan"  This should
highligh the colon
2) Copy and paste it into a text editor.
You will notice a space inserted after the colon.
Since the html code contains no whitespace after the colon, Mozilla should not
copy this whitespace.
Keywords: qawanted
Summary: Highlighted text does not show whitespace → Browser fails to show whitespace / Copied text contains unexpected whitespace
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