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duplicate mail entries in IMAP inbox window when using "read messages"


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When I get messages by using the "read messages" command from the main Mozilla
Mail window then the new messages appear twice in the Inbox window, but only one
of the two entries is readable.
After changing to another mail folder and coming back to the inbox folder the
Inbox list is o.k. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Starting Mozilla MailNews
2. Clicking on "Read Messages" (main Mozilla Mail window, first command under
3. Look at new messages in the Inbox folder

Actual Results:  
New messages appear twice in the list.

Expected Results:  
New messages should appear only once.

When I'm using the "Get Msgs" button in the toolbar section instead, there are
no duplicate entries in the Inbox window.
(I had a similar effect when filtering messages, see bug 187147)
do you have another machine/client accessing your inbox at the same time? Or
deleting messages from your inbox? That can cause the duplicates. Does this
happen for every new message?
Ever confirmed: true
I don't access my IMAP Inbox in parallel from several applications
or machines.
When I want to verify Mozilla problems 
- I leave Mozilla Mail
- start a UNIX session on a remote host and run pine for testing
- leave afterwards pine and close my UNIX session
- run Mozilla mail again
Problems occur independantly of Mozilla Quick Launch
Problems occur independantly of mail filtering or junk mail control

Problems occur for every new mail message !

Additional tests with junk mail control in my environment:
- Junk mail control is now functionally with IMAP and Mozilla 1.5b!
- When junk mail is moved by Mozilla into a subfolder of my IMAP Inbox,
  junk mails are moved twice into this subfolder (also two entries in
  junk mail control log).
Can I get an imap protocol log of a session where this happens?

thx, - David
my guess right now is that this is a problem with the way "Read Messages" is
implemented - I think it's doing two get new mails, basically, and that's
exposing  a problem in our code when you do two get new mails right away. I'm
not able to reproduce the two messages in the inbox problem, but I do see two
messages get filtered.
followup question, does the bug occur if you just click on the inbox instead of
clicking on read messages from account central?
1. I will take an IMAP protocol log as suggested and attach it afterwards.
2. When I log in with a wrong IMAP password (after clicking "read messages") 
   I get twice the message that my password was wrong.
   Hint: In my Mozilla IMAP mail account server settings I did  n o t
   set "check for new messages at startup", therefore I always have to
   "read messages" or "Get Msgs" or click on the IMAP Inbox
3. When I click on the IMAP Inbox from account central the bug does not occur.   
taking, changing component, fix upcoming - thx for the log.
Assignee: sspitzer → bienvenu
Component: Mail Window Front End → Networking: IMAP
Attached patch proposed fixSplinter Review
we need to check if we have a pending select on a connection when the cur
selected folder is empty.

This fixes the underlying problem in the imap multiple connection protection
code. We should still fix the front end js code to not select the inbox twice.
I'll leave this open for that.
fix checked in, r/sr=sspitzer.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Thanks. I installed Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.5a)
Now there are no duplicated entries, even if I'm using "read messages".

But unfortunately Mozilla crashes when I want to send a Mail (a talkback dump
has been taken and sent to Netscape).
Is there anything to do for me before installing the new version (e.g. deinstall,
delete some files, ...).   
Next hint:
I disabled Mozilla quick start and removed INBOX.msf before restarting Mozilla
--> mails can be sent again! (without dumping ...).
I looked at the stack traces - they weren't very informative. Does the problem
come back when you re-enable quick start? I'm not sure how an INBOX.msf problem
could cause a problem. I have heard that installing on top of mozilla while
quick launch is active can cause all sorts of problems, however.
After re-enabling quick start the problem does not come back.
Maybe that in INBOX.msf were still some entries caused by the bug which seems to
be resolved now. After deleting INBOX.msf I see again the same number of mails
in my Mozilla IMAP Inbox (shown in the status line) as when using pine (which were
different before).   
Problem with duplicate entries in IMAP Inbox seems to be resolved.
But I remarked that filtering by junk control occurs (still) twice when I ask
Mozilla for new mail by "read messages". See the attached junk log.
There is one single entry which was made when using "Get Msgs".

Shall I open a new bug for this problem or can we continue at this point?
bug 208108 filed for the read messages issue.
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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