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After stylesheet switched off and on, table-cell no longer creates the pseudo row


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Mozilla nicely renders four sibling elements (div's or ul's) with display:
table-cell in stylesheet as one row, presumably by creating the anonymous
"table-row" object. When I switch the stylesheet off, the page is correctly
rendered using the div or ul default display. However, when I switch the
stylesheet back on, those elements are no longer redisplayed in one line,
instead they are stacked verticaly.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Display the page with a stylesheet.
2. Turn the stylesheet off, using View -> Use Style -> Basic Page Style.
3. Be happy that the styling is properly gone.
4. Turn the stylesheet back on, using View -> Use Style -> The default stylesheet.
5. Observe that the result is not the same as when the page was first loaded.

Actual Results:  
The elements with display: table-cell are stack on top of each other.

Expected Results:  
I expected the elements to be rendered the same way as they were when the page
was loaded (or reloaded -- reload makes the page alright again), next to each
other horizontaly.
This is HTML file with a stylesheet href that will (hopefully :) load the
stylesheet directly from bugzilla.
Attachment #124921 - Attachment is obsolete: true
I'm observing this behaviour on Mozilla 1.4-rc1 and Firebird 0.6.
This is basically bug 121142... leaving as a separate bug for now, but marking
Depends on: 121142
Attached file testcase
Boris, I would expect that in the testcase that I attached the javascript would
change the display type for all three divs. Or is the javascript wrong?
No, the JS is correct.  Probably the table pseudo-frames are breaking things
(see bug 162063 -- basically, the two blocks are each ending up in anonymous
table cells under the anonymous row that never got removed).
Depends on: 162063
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: testcase
Bug 162063 fixed Bernd's testcase.  Bug 148810 fixes the original testcase on this bug.
Depends on: 148810
Fixed by checkin for bug 148810.  Added tests.
Assignee: layout.tables → bzbarsky
Closed: 11 years ago
Flags: in-testsuite+
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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