mail composed and sent while offline is lost. not saved as unsent or draft.



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Mail sent while offline seems to be lost.  I'd expect a warning message and that
it would be saved as Unsent or Draft, but I don't see any of these. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Take Mozilla offline
2. Compose a new mail message
3. Hit 'Send'. 

Actual Results:  
Mail compose window disappears as if mail had been sent.  Recipient never
receives mail. Message is not present in Sent, Drafts or Unsent folders

Expected Results:  
A popup message indicating offline status: 'Cannot send while offline'
A choice to go online, or save as unsent or draft.

Comment 1

15 years ago
problem persists with 1.4rc3.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; WinNT4.0; en-US; rv:1.4) Gecko/20030624

Comment 2

15 years ago
have been able to confirm with other users.  
Keywords: dataloss, mail6
>Steps to Reproduce:
>1. Take Mozilla offline
>2. Compose a new mail message
>3. Hit 'Send'. 

in my compose window, when I'm offline, I have a "Send Later".  Do you have a
"Send" button, or a "Send Later" button?

When I follow these steps, the messages I send while offline get put in my
"Local Folders/Unsent Messages" folders.
Keywords: dataloss, mail6
QA Contact: gchan → esther
Keywords: dataloss

Comment 4

15 years ago
In compose, while offline, I have a "Send Later" button.  But, I have text
labels turned off, and the icons for "Send" and "Send Later" are the same, so I
wasn't seeing any difference. 

My Inbox folder, and all sub-folders exist _above_ the level of the Local
Folders.  My Inbox has it's own set of Moz-defined sub-folders: Unsent Messages,
Drafts, Templates, Sent and Trash.  I never look beneath the Local Folders
level, as nothing I use is in there.  

I had expected the messages sent while offline to end up in Inbox->Unsent
Messages folder.  Not seeing them there, or anywhere else, I could only assume
they were lost.   

On reading your post, I have now found that they are being moved to the Local
Folders->Unsent Messages folder.  

Is my folder structure unique?   Should I have two Unsent Messages folders?  If
there is provision for more than one, is there a way to determine which will be

As I have been able to get confirmation from other users (who might also be
missing the fact that they've chosen Send Later, or may not know where to find
their Unsent Messages) I wonder whether some solution might be needed.  

OK, on further testing I now see another item which was adding to my issue.  

I was typically going offline while in mailnews (to prevent web bug data getting
back to spammers), but going back online after switching back to the browser to

This was bypassing the prompt asking "Would you like to send messages in your
Unsent Messages folder when you go online?". 

scenario (with gotcha)
1. open mozilla browser, in online mode
2. set prefs for icons only, no text labels
3. open mozilla mailnews 
4. take mozilla offline while in mailnews
5. compose a message and hit send/send-later icon
6. return to browser and go back online

1. message is not sent
2. message is moved without warning 
2a. in my case: message is moved to unknown, unexpected location
3. no prompt is given when going back online

So no dataloss.  More like data gone missing...

-For integrated app, give "Send Unsent" prompt when going back online from any
app in the suite.
-For non-integrated apps, don't worry about it as long as online/offline
functions are app independent. (i.e. going offline in mailnews doesn't affect
online status of browser)
-Somehow confer and/or enforce special status or naming on the set of folders
for Unsent Messages, Drafts, Templates, Sent and Trash so that no multiples are
-Consider differentiating the icons for Send and Send Later.

Seth, thanks for the help.  I'll let you re-jigger the keywords, severity and
resolution as you see fit.  Let me know if you'd like me to file enhancement
bugs on any of the suggestions.  
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