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document.write doesn't work for ActiveX object element usage


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In browsers with ActiveX support built in via adamlock's plugin, you cannot
dynamically write out an object element with document.write since the control
won't render.

Expected Behavior: using document.write to write out an OBJECT element with the
classid of an ActiveX control (say WMP 9) should get it to draw the control.  

Actual Behavior: Nothing happens -- the control is not rendered.

The attached testcase is illustrative of this.
The first attachment illustrates the problem; it also won't do any good to use
DOM techniques to create the control.  While the DOM techniques *do work* to
draw the control, you cannot playback content (using WMP 9) and the control's ID
doesn't seem to be recognized; the second attachment illustrates this.
Needless to say, this makes it difficult to dynamically create content.
I ran the first test case. It's not getting to any of the IDispatch code, so it
must be higher up at the object tag or plugin implementation
Attached file This is the fix.
This bug is not a rendering issue at all.  The problem has to do with the
document object.  When you call a method from document.onLoad or in the head
(or from anywhere else for that matter) in netscape 7, the document object is a
little screwey.  The fix is to call the methods from a script tag between the
body tags and pass in the document object.  Then use the document object passed
in to do the writing.
Assignee: dbradley → nobody
QA Contact: pschwartau → xpconnect
The ActiveX embedding API was removed in bug 662023 and friends.


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