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I have a rather odd problem with Mozilla, which happened to me on every single 
build and is possibly only occuring to me. Possibly this is only occuring to me 
since I have a Voodoo3 video card, but I exprience no such problem with IE. I'm 
not even sure this is a bug, and possibly there is a solution I haven't found. 
If so, I would be happy if you point me in it's direction.
Anyway, here is the description of the problem:
For some reason, especially after the computer works for a while, mozilla seems 
to take some effort to load pages. After the pages are being loaded I can move 
through them without a problem. But while the pages are actually being loaded, 
especially if they have pictures, every part being loaded takes a bit processor 
power and the pictures being shown appear rather slowly, during which they 
freeze the computer for about a second or two for each part. A web page which 
is extremley noticeable that I have to wait a lot (about 5 seconds) is  In IE the page just appears. In Mozilla it takes some 
time (those 5 seconds) after in actually finished recieveing all the data from 
the internet

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Just load the program, especially after some computer work

Actual Results:  
The above explanation

Expected Results:  
Work smoothly, just like IE

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16 years ago
This is not a Layout bug.
->B-G for triage
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16 years ago
Because you are using Win98, it is possibly a dupe of 
Bug 204374	GDI Resources are used till the UI/website displays faulty

Loading of this page increased my bitmap count by 48, that is quite a lot if you
don´t have much memory. Even when you have lots of memory GDI resources are much
more restricted on Win98 then on newer windows.
Do you see this effect if you load this page after starting mozilla,
or only after having surfed some time?
Did you see this effect before, i.e. using Mozilla 1.3 or older?
Tool for monitoring GDI usage on Win98 can be found in Bug 199443 in the
attachment GDI Usage tool:

Comment 3

16 years ago
I also noticed this change in the bitmaps with this little proggie you gave me. 
I checked it both with IE and Mozilla, and it still changed in about 30-40 or 
so. With Mozilla it was a bit though more...
I use Win98 SE, have 128 SDRAM and a Voodo3 video card.
Usually you can see the even a small effect if I start Mozilla on windows 
startup. But the more programs I have open (or had open) the more slowly it 
shows the pictures and other parts of the page. Maybe I haven't explaned enough 
what actually happens: While it takes the time to show each picture, usually 
about half a second, more or much less, depending on the size of the picture, 
the whole system (music is most noticable) freezes until Mozilla finishes 
showing the picture or the part of the web page.
It happened to me in all builds of Mozilla I have tried/tasted so far. And 
believe me, there were many. But actually, before build 1.4 (or 1.3, I don't 
quite remember) it also had the same problem when I scrolled down the page 
after the web page finished loading - it slowly moved the page (and the screen) 
down. Took about 0.3+- to do one scroll down (something that should happen 
without any problem). But now Mozilla only does problems with the actual 
loading. Another thing to note - it usually takes about 2 seconds until a 
dropdown-box actually drops down (opens).
What information does this GUI tool is supposed to give me?
WFM on WinXP SP1 trunk 2004030509.

Reporter: with a recent nightly build, does the website still cause problems?
Reporter: with a recent nightly build, does the website still cause problems?
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