Last Comment Bug 2133 - [PP]Jan25:Mac freezes waiting for data
: [PP]Jan25:Mac freezes waiting for data
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Assigned To: gordon
: glynn
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Reported: 1998-06-16 07:00 PDT by Mike Pinkerton (not reading bugmail)
Modified: 2000-03-22 13:30 PST (History)
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Description User image Mike Pinkerton (not reading bugmail) 1998-06-16 07:00:00 PDT
(This bug imported from BugSplat, Netscape's internal bugsystem.  It
was known there as bug #142690
Imported into Bugzilla on 01/04/99 16:10)

Surf for a few pages, and the mac will freeze up in Delay(). What appears is
happening is NSPR is waiting for data (which never arrives), so it goes into an
infinite loop until something arrives, scheduling the main thread, sleeping,
waking up, and rescheduling. This starves out the UI so the mac appears frozen.
Comment 1 User image don 1998-06-16 11:19:59 PDT
Changing TFV to 5.0 SF1 in.
Comment 2 User image Wan-Teh Chang 1998-06-17 11:46:59 PDT
*** Bug 124235 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 3 User image Wan-Teh Chang 1998-06-17 12:03:59 PDT
Accepted the bug.

Bug 124235 was marked as duplicate of this bug.

Added sdagley, gagan, and freier to the Cc list.

I am studying the NSPR mac source code now.  Is
there any area that you think is the suspect?

I suspect that PR_Poll may fail to report socket
connection close as a readable event, so we
don't know the download is done.

I also discovered that NSPR's implementation
of nonblocking socket I/O on the Mac is incorrect.
If we always call PR_Poll first and only call
I/O functions when the fd is readable or writable,
then this is probably not a problem.  Gagan, can
you confirm that Netlib always calls PR_Poll
before calling read/recv/write/send on sockets?

I am not familiar with our user-level thread
scheduling code and with Mac, so please be
patient.  I am doing my best to get up to
Comment 4 User image Wan-Teh Chang 1998-06-17 12:18:59 PDT
Bug #124235 is a test stopper and a duplicate
of this bug, so I guess this bug is a test
stopper too.

Assigned QA to glynn (same as in bug #124235).
Comment 5 User image Gagan 1998-06-17 12:58:59 PDT
I am adding Lou to the list. He did the NSPR20 upgrade and might know about
this. Lou?
Comment 6 User image don 1998-07-15 16:44:59 PDT
jar and I have decided that a fix for the Mac NSPR2 problem is no longer a
requirement for ending the stability freeze so I'm moving the target fix version
of this bug to 5.0.   But Wan-Teh, Gordon, and Joe should continue with fixing
this bug as their top priority.
Comment 7 User image gordon 1998-08-31 17:45:59 PDT
Taking bug for Wan-Teh
Comment 8 User image gordon 1998-08-31 17:51:59 PDT
*** Bug 299777 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 9 User image Mike Pinkerton (not reading bugmail) 1999-01-11 11:47:59 PST
*** Bug 2199 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 10 User image Mike Pinkerton (not reading bugmail) 1999-01-12 13:46:59 PST
*** Bug 2303 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 11 User image leger 1999-01-14 12:37:59 PST
This bug is slowing down our ability to do Mac testing greatly.  What's the
status on a fix?
Comment 12 User image gordon 1999-01-15 16:20:59 PST
*** Bug 2430 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 13 User image leger 1999-01-17 12:34:59 PST
gordon...whats the eta for some headway on this one?  thanks!
Comment 14 User image leger 1999-01-18 10:38:59 PST
Adding URL info.
Comment 15 User image leger 1999-01-25 16:16:59 PST
I just played with Jan 25 Mac build and it looks better.  What do you think
Comment 16 User image gordon 1999-01-26 15:42:59 PST
The flaw in the Mac NSPR socket implementation is still there. I've been out sick
for the past week, but this is my number one priority now.
Comment 17 User image Eli Goldberg 1999-01-26 18:10:59 PST
Thanks, Gordon. <Purely anecodotally, Viewer doesn't seem to be crashingly nearly
as often as a result of this particular problem on the more recent builds,
believe it or not.>
Comment 18 User image leger 1999-02-03 07:15:59 PST
Inserting Milestone info.
Comment 19 User image leger 1999-02-03 08:03:59 PST
Setting all current Open Critical and Major to M3
Comment 20 User image Paul MacQuiddy 1999-03-05 23:10:59 PST
per leger, assigning QA contacts to all open bugs without QA contacts according
to list at
Comment 21 User image glynn 1999-03-12 18:33:59 PST
Gordon status on this puppy?
Comment 22 User image leger 1999-03-13 15:54:59 PST
elig, can you try this with the latest Apprunner Mac build please.  Win32 Mar13
build loads this URL ok.
Comment 23 User image don 1999-03-13 18:23:59 PST
Resolved as FIXED.

Gordon checked in the stuff, so ... :-)
Comment 24 User image glynn 1999-03-14 19:28:59 PST
Whoo Hoo! Will check Monday morning :-)  Changed to make myself, glynn as qa
Comment 25 User image glynn 1999-03-15 17:58:59 PST
As far as I can tell this puppy appears fixed.  March 15 builds.  Marking
verified, will reopen if necessary.
Comment 26 User image Mike Pinkerton (not reading bugmail) 1999-03-16 09:32:59 PST
I got this just this morning on the tinderbox page (lockup in _Delay during
networking). I don't think it was waiting for DNS lookup (which is still
synchronous). Reopening bug. I really am terribly sorry, gordon.
Comment 27 User image don 1999-03-16 10:16:59 PST
Well ... crap.

Grodon, is Mike on something or is it really back?
Comment 28 User image don 1999-03-16 16:48:59 PST
Resolved bug as FIXED.

Since Pink or glynn can't reporduce the failure ...
Comment 29 User image glynn 1999-03-17 13:24:59 PST
Reverified until a reproducible example of new failure can be found.
Comment 30 User image Terry Weissman 1999-04-27 10:59:59 PDT
NSPR now has its own Bugzilla product.  Moving this bug to the NSPR product.

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