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15 years ago
links  and attachments to all the presentations that we have developed to share
with groups and organiziations...

Topics like:
-Who we are
-Where we have been
-Development Process
-Success stories
-where we are going (road map and snippets of ideas for the next round of
roadmanp  updates...

asa do you have that sacarmento linux user group preso that you can attach or
link to to get this started?

brendan also has the foundation powerpoint that we worked up with IBM.

over time we might want to split this off into sub bugs but for now this one
might be enough..
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15 years ago
Priority: -- → P1
Summary: Marekting colleral tracking bug → Marketing colleral tracking bug
opening this bug and marking it P2.  I want to make progress on this this month.
Group: Marketing Private
Priority: P1 → P2
background materials we'd like to develop:
- slides overview
- success stories
- 3 year strategy/vision for Mozilla

infrastructure pieces that are nice to have:
- TAC up and running
- Mozilla foundation europe / asia
- Progress on the IE issue
- Standards campaign
Summary: Marketing colleral tracking bug → Marketing colleral + infrastructural issues
a Why Mozilla document that outlines why enterprises should do business with us
would also be great.
Deployments page proposal by chofmann:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: or similar
Date: 	Sun, 16 Nov 2003 07:15:49 -0800
From: 	Chris Hofmann <>
To: 	Dawn Endico <>,, David Bienvenu
<>, Brendan Eich <>, Bart Decrem
CC: 	Mitchell Baker <>

Need to start developing a good home for the "deployment community"  and related

-identify if there is a place that we could use now to start gathering docs and
--I did a quick search on deployment but nothing interesting came up.

--I'd suggest  establishing and start
organizing a collection of stuff there

reference docs

---add the mcd doc about setting control mechanisms that beinvenu and mscott are
working up for bms/doc savage
---listing of interesting controllable prefs
---installation customization doc and others....

deployment news

---list of deployments as we start to find them and links to leads on
deployments mentioned in the press
      start to create the public hall of fame list out of barts full contact
---mozilla deployments in the news..
---deployment success stories on the technical side.

rational for mozilla deployment

---deployment success stories and references that also how to get a mozilla
deployment project approved
    in your organization with white paper that outlines

     --rational for why deploying mozilla makes sense
         -reduced cost
             --lower cost per seat
             --avoid future lock in costs.
             --share development costs with other organizations that are
deploying mozilla
         -additional control if you need it... you can own the source or pay
others to work on it.
            increasing the support longevity...
         -good open source track record on the project for continual innovative
improvement and evolution v.
              abandonment and disruptive forced migration by major commercial
software providers

     breath and depth of technology offerings can meet your needs
          -cross platform
           -better security
               -more sound security architecture, default settings, and
extensive code review and white hat testing
               -fly under the radar of the MS OS/security nightmare monoculture
          in the future
           -options for deploying the full suite, browser only, or mail only
available now with Mozilla Zurich, and will improve with
              the introduction of  Mozilla eZ and Mozilla thunderbird 1.0
versions ;-)
           -evolving into a full OS office stack with development and
integration to calendar, Open Office ...

---links to pages and tracking bugs on other related projects and tasks as we
find and update them-- calendar,....
---links to newsgroup/mailing list for deployment questions, answers, and comments

--also set up "deployments" newsgroup and mail alias  for discussions

if no one has heartburn over the selection of  projects/deployments can you set
this up dawn?


chris h.

Comment 5

15 years ago
Bart, bugzilla screws up the line breaks. Can you or someone else do a HTML
version? ;-)
It looks pretty readable on Firebird.  The thing is, we can't just make a web
page by doing a copy/paste job.  Someone needs to take an hour or two to write
this page.  Daniel, do you have the time to do that?

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15 years ago
Created attachment 136113 [details]
HTML version of Hofmann's proposal, w/ some modifications

Comment 8

15 years ago
Brief review of attachment 136113 [details], subsection "Suggested Docs": 

In general this document needs more focus at the
topic level. "Deployment" is not the same thing as
"technology uptake". The former is an engineering problem;
the later is a marketing problem. Which is to be the primary
focus of this document?  Every document should have one central

Similarly, case studies may be divided into technical
examples (engineering) and "success stories" (marketing).

If this document is to assist organisations who have already
chosen to uptake the technology, then the focus should be
an engineering one. If it is to persuade others to uptake
Mozilla, then it should be free of mechanical detail and
concentrate on making a technical and organisational case.

Comment 9

15 years ago
I'm confused. what does "technology uptake" mean?

Comment 10

15 years ago
"Technology uptake" is the process by which individuals
or organisations add new complexity to their lives for
perceived benefit.

It is more general than installing a piece of software.
Everytime you look at a new hammer in the hardware store
you are poised at the moment when you might do some
technology uptake.  That also applies to taking up
a mortgage (financial technology). So t.u. is "buying
behaviour" not "using behaviour".

It makes little sense to offer someone details on
how to use a technology if they haven't yet decided
if they even want it. People purchase on benefits,
not on "howtos". Similarly, once a purchase decision
is made, howtos become more important than benefits.

In short, aim for the purchase stage your audience is at.
Obviously, purchase does not necessarily mean exchange
of money. It can be exchange of time/effort/loyalty.
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14 years ago
Chris: Has there been further work on this to get it online?

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13 years ago
Last Resolved: 13 years ago
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