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15 years ago
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After we get the new webserver up and running, we should put in a redirect rule
so any access into /projects/webtools/ redirects to

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15 years ago
Is there something we want to do at that we can't do while keeping
the mirror at If not, I actually kinda like the mirror.
log into landfill and take a peek in /var/www/html/newbugzilla/  :)

Although on the new server it might be easier to do that...

The main reason I was thinking to do that is because the front page
links to instead of /projects/bugzilla/.
This is now happening. (I thought Dave said that it wouldn't during the "new
website discussions, though...) Either way, this bug is closed.

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Actually, that's the reason I had left this open, because we had discussed not
doing that permanently...

Right now, the roadblock to removing the redirect is that I don't have time to
play with it if it breaks, and we don't know that rheet can handle all the
Template Toolkit stuff as is (it may need a bunch of other configuration done as
well to make it work - like installing Template Toolkit, for one).  Also, with
the amount of load that typically gets (though granted, it's
probably outside of our little webtree), we may want to look into some sort of
staging-time compilation, so that it compiles the templates to raw html at
cvs-pull time rather than having a cgi script processing all the pages.
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Summary: Redirect /projects/bugzilla/ to → Remove redirect from /projects/bugzilla/ to ?
Based on the current way the site is built, and the amount of load
that has been taking since Firefox 1.0 released, I think it's
best if the redirect stays put. is essentially entirely dynamic
content at the moment, and is not in a good position at all to
handle any dynamic content right now.  In fact, we're going to be employing more
of this technique to offload other sections of the site with dynamic content to
alternate domain names really soon now, so they can be served from separate
servers that aren't sharing the huge load with the main website.
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