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AOL AIM icon still visible in the addressbook


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When filing bug 214223, I noticed that the IM icon that you can see in the 
toolbar of the addressbook, is the generic IM icon (a text balloon). The one in
the card (which only shows if you have a screenname configured), is still the
AIM icon (a walking humanoid figure). Oops. That can't be right.

PS : isn't screenname an AOL specific name ?
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This patch removes the IM button, and associated DTD entries and JS code. 

One would also cvs remove:

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Assignee: sspitzer → gerv
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.5final
we don't want to remove least not this way.

aim still works with mozilla, at least on win32 (not sure about mac and linux)

we use the aim: protocol, which will use the default handler for the aim
protocol (for example, the stand alone aim client).

here are the open issues:

1)  how can we get this to work on linux and mac (there might be bugs about
launch external apps, so this might be covered there)

2)  how can we allow the user to easily enable / disable all IM related UI if
they don't use IM.  (maybe on win32, we can add code to check the registry for a
handler for aim:, and if so enabled).

3)  move the AIM specific stuff to prefs, and allow users to use MSN messenger
or Yahoo! messenger, jabber, etc.  what ever they prefer. 
normal, this isn't trivial is we do it the way I suggest.

for 1.5, I'll talk to gerv about a partial solution that improves usability.

I don't want to remove it outright (especially for win32 users who use AIM)
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I'm the reporter of this bug. I filed it to replace the AIM-icon (seen in the
card) with the generic IM-icon (seen in addressbook). Not to remove the entire

I originally filed bug 214223 to make the icon grey out when no IM-handler was
present (notice: IM, not AIM). Wouldn't the path be better in that bug ?
Depends on: 223499
It's pretty clear now, that we are not removing it.  Though we allow users to
use alternates (Bug 216214).  Closing in favor of that bug.

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Hardware: Macintosh → All
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