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I can't browse the tree in bonsai. The first two levels are OK, but the third
level seems to fall back to the first.
Steps to reproduce please?

What did you click on in what order?

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15 years ago
To reproduce, click on the URL provided above.

Expected output: A list of directories that are inside mozilla/xpfe, e.g.,

AppCores/              apprunner/             components/            tools/
CVS/                   appshell/              global/                widgets/
Makefile               bootstrap/             macbuild/              xpviewer/            browser/               main/
appfilelocprovider/    communicator/          test/

Actual result: A list of directories that are in cvsroot.
Confirmed.  Actually affects all third-level directories in all branches that
are listed.

This is major enough I'm sure someone would have noticed already if it had been
around a while.  What changed on bonsai recently?
Tara fixed a security hole last week with directory traversal.  I can't find a
bug for it though.
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someone forgot to escape the dots in the regexp.

Guess what a dot does in a regexp? :)
This has already been applied manually on because I had a
desperate need to use it tonight. :)
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15 years ago
yeah, there was never a bug that I filed on that security issue, I just sent an
e-mail to and  Since the issue is fixed,
the problem was that ../ could be used to move higher than the CVS root which
shouldn't be allowed.  There is still an issue with ./.. as the directory.  I
don't think the fix was ever checked into the bonsai for gila either.
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15 years ago
mozilla/webtools/bonsai/rview.cgi 	1.20
Last Resolved: 15 years ago
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Product: Webtools → Webtools Graveyard
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