better handling of fwd and reply of messages with no subject



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better handling of fwd and reply of messages with no subject

if a message has no subject [note, I mean "", not "(no subject)"], we should do

on reply, set the subject to "Re: (no subject)" (instead of "Re: ")
on fwd, set the subject to "Fwd: (no subject)" (instead of "Fwd: ")

currently, if I try to send a message with no subject, we'll ask the user to
provide one, using "(no subject)" as the default.

this just continues that practice to reply and fwd.


15 years ago
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11 years ago
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We no longer use "(no subject)" for empty subjects, which is a design decision.
It's good design because adding "(no subject)" is pretty useless and irritating and also not semantically true because most messages without subject (header) certainly have a subject (logically), but it wasn't specified.

Adding "(no subject)" to the physical headers also makes it harder to sort such threads by subject, because some will have "" and some will have "(no subject)", again not helpful.

It's good to warn against no subject, but anything else is user's domain where we shouldn't interfere with things. If users are annoyed by blank subjects - good! they'll take appropriate action / inform their correspondents to avoid that in the future...
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