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maxHeight property of XUL element's computed style does not reflect the actual value (need style mapping of attributes)


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See steps to reproduce

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. open the attachment document (test1.xul)
2. click on the red bar
3. read the alert messages

Actual Results:  
When the script setting ele.height to 100 and ele.maxHeight to 50, the computed
style's height property changes to 50px and maxHeight remains original 40px. 

Expected Results:  
The effective max-height style after setting ele's maxHeight property should be
50px, and it indeed 'effective', because the actual height is limited to 50px. 
The maxHeight property of computed style should reflect this 'effective' value: 50px

why is XULElement's 'style' property unimplemented?
Attached file test1.xul
This is a XUL issue.  The XUL layout code uses the maxheight attribute directly
instead of mapping it into CSS, hence the style system doesn't know anything
about the presence of the maxheight attribute.

David, do you think we should introduce attribute mapping to XUL?  Is it
possible to get in touch with hyatt (he's ignored my last few mails, as far as I
can tell...)?
Assignee: dom_bugs → hyatt
Component: DOM Style → XP Toolkit/Widgets: XUL
QA Contact: ian → shrir
I think it might speed up dynamic attribute changes in XUL a good bit, and is
likely to make the code cleaner, although not necessarily smaller, and would
significantly improve support for the corresponding CSS properties.  I certainly
wouldn't mind, but it's probably a good bit of work.  I might be forgetting
something, though.
Blocks: 102440
Attribute mapping would have to resolve the cascade ordering issue -- where
should XUL attributes come in the cascade?
Right now XUL attributes beat author rules, which is different from how HTML attributes work.  I 
suspect that attribute mapping could work fine (and still be properly backwards compatible) if you gave 
mapped attributes an infinite specificity in the author cascade (right now XUL attributes even beat inline 
style rules).
I'm actually thinking of making the cascade look like this (from my post):

From most important to least important:

ua !important
user !important
author !important
inline style

for XUL.  What do you think, hyatt?  Would it be OK to have !important author
rules beating attributes?
I think that would be ok.
Summary: maxHeight property of XUL element's computed style does not reflect the actual value → maxHeight property of XUL element's computed style does not reflect the actual value (need style mapping of attributes)
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So the following attributes can be mapped, I think:

  width, height, maxwidth, maxheight, minwidth, minheight
  align (the non-deprecated version), pack
  left, top (pixel values only?)

And maybe mapped:

  dir (mapped into two different structs... how does CSS/attr interaction work?)
Note: There's code in nsIBox::AddCSSPrefSize that can go away if we do this.

Also note:  dbaron thinks that multiple XBL bindings in same doc should share the mapping style rules (so we shouldn't, e.g. make the rules per-element things).
Attached patch WIPSplinter Review
I put this together because I was wondering how difficult it would be... this patch is kind of working, although buggy in some way I haven't completely figured out.

I'm not sure the approach is actually sound, because I don't think it can be extended easily to work with lightweight elements.  I might as well throw it up anyway.

This doesn't include any layout/ changes... that stuff essentially will just end up being cleanup anyway.
You'll need this too.  And you'll need to put the attr rules in the right level...
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