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No keyboard functionality


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(Reporter: UrsaeMajoris, Assigned: mcafee)


I compiled Mozilla M11 twice, and have absolutely no functionality with the
keyboard, this includes typing in form, attempting to try to change URL,
preferences et cetera (as a result I could not submit this result if I wanted
too with M11).

This was compiled under a tweaked version of redhat 6.0.  GCC 2.95, Xfree86
3.3.5, glibc 2.1.2, along with the newest build for GTK, GLIB, Gnome ,
Englightenment and nearly all GNU applications have been updated to their newest
(Bash, binutils, etc).

The ./configure was done by removing the Mail/News/Editor the first time, with
the addition of removing debug information and compiler optimizations on the
second.    Both had GTK-Mozilla as an option.

Also, attempted to download the binaries for M11 and had it fail... (if this had
any relevance)
Assignee: leger → mcafee
[tossing over to mcafee]
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
You cannot disable the editor and have text fields work.
We removed this configure option to avoid this pitfall,
please update you to newer source and try again?
Also, try building w/ default config options, and then
add them in as you need to narrow this problem down.
Default options worked.   I had assumed that the Editor was the HTML editor
(composer), which is why I had removed it, along with the Mail and News system.
At least now I can change URL's et cetera.
great.  marking verified per reporter's comments.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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