HTTP accept langagues dialog: Propose xx when xx-yy is added



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15 years ago
The problem with the Accept Languages is that they are nor really intuitive:

Choosing en-gb matches only en-gb, en-gb-cockney, en-gb-* but not "en"
(see URL). Most users want to have "en-gb;q=1, en;q=0.9" in this case.

- Show a dialog asking "You have choosen 'xx-YY', do you also want to add 'xx'?
  [Add][Dont add]"
- Add some description of accept language either as a short text in the
preference plane or in the dialog, but at least in the HELP.

Quote from:
      Note: When making the choice of linguistic preference available to
      the user, we remind implementors of  the fact that users are not
      familiar with the details of language matching as described above,
      and should provide appropriate guidance. As an example, users
      might assume that on selecting "en-gb", they will be served any
      kind of English document if British English is not available. A
      user agent might suggest in such a case to add "en" to get the
      best matching behavior.

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15 years ago
Alternatively, we may just add 'en' to 'en-*' when making a content-negotiiation. 
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15 years ago
sorry for spamming. i forgot add myself to cc
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Which product/version are you using ?

Can you reproduce with SeaMonkey v1.1.9 ?
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10 years ago
The second idea, of "blindly" adding en or en-* would fail in some cases. Some subtags describe very different languages. Indeed, en-bootling wouldn't be well understood by many of us, and there isn't mutual intelligibilty in the (very popular) languages and dialects covered by zh-*.

I agree that as a prompt its a good idea, though.
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