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watchers sometimes don't get e-mail




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15 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: J. Michael Hammond, Assigned: preed)





15 years ago
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The code that avoids recursion in checking watchers sometimes halts too soon.

Let's say Aaron is the owner of the bug, Brian is the reporter, and Charlie is 
the QA contact.

Alice is watching Aaron, Bert is watching Brian, Connie is watching Charlie.

If someone adds a comment, all six people get e-mail.  That's great!

But now let's say Charlie sets himself as a watcher of Aaron.  Now Connie won't 
get her e-mail.

The problem is in and around the call to NewProcessOnePerson.  Here's the 

- consider Aaron.
   -- call NewProcessOnePerson.  Have we seen Aaron yet?  no.
   -- OK, add Aaron.
   -- Alice is watching Aaron, so add her.
   -- Charlie is watching Aaron, so add him.

- consider Brian.
   -- call NewProcessOnePerson.  Have we seen Brian yet? no.
   -- OK, add Brian.
   -- Bert is watching Brian, so add him too.

- consider Charlie.
   -- call NewProcessOnePerson.  Have we seen Charlie yet?  yes.  exit.

I suggest moving the "if ($seen{$person})" call a little deeper inside 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. See comment -- set up a situation where a person is both the QA contact for 
a bug, and watching the owner of the bug.  Set up someone else to be the 
watcher of this person.  Add a comment to the bug.

Actual Results:  
Connie didn't get her e-mail.

Expected Results:  
Connie should have gotten e-mail as a result of being a watcher of Charlie.
Have you tried this with 2.17.6 or later by any chance yet?  I know the "seen"
code got screwed with for a bug related to "rescanall" mode...  it may or may
not have resolved this at the same time...  This is bug 219508.  Looks like it
was actually backported to the 2.16 branch for version 2.16.4 also.
jhammond: any response to comment 1?  We need to know what version you're using.
 I'll close this as "worksforme" in a week if we don't get a response.
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Last Resolved: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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