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Graph reports are funny (Bug Charts/reports.cgi broken by server move)




14 years ago
6 years ago


(Reporter: bbaetz, Assigned: gerv)





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14 years ago
It looks like we closed about 15000 bugs and reopened about 8000, all on the
same day. This looks like it coinsides with the server move, so I'm blaming that.

The funny numbers are there regardless of what product you pick, and they don't
match the query results (eg NEW Tech-Evangalish bugs - query says 2379, the
graphs says about 200.
According to the emails I saw going back and forth between Myk and Gerv, we lost
one day of stats because of Berkely DB incompatibilities between Solaris and
RedHat.  Last I heard, the plan at this point is to run the "regenerate" script
after b.m.o gets upgraded (the fast regenerate requires a newer version of
Bugzilla than 2.17.1)
We lost a day of duplicates stats (and as far as I know, there's no way to get
them back, since "regenerate" didn't do it when I backported the new version and
ran it, but maybe my backport had some problem).

These other stats are different, and I don't know where the data is kept or what
the solution for them would be.  Anyone know?

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14 years ago
But the numbers are still wrong. Those stats aren't in the duplicates db, but
rather in text files - can someone manually inspect those?

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14 years ago
Yes, the stats for these are in the files in data/mining. If someone could
attach data/mining/Browser from mecha, that would be good.

Created attachment 130858 [details]

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14 years ago
Immediately it's obvious what's wrong :-) On the 14th of August, the UNCONFIRMED
data moved from the first column to the fourth column. This shifted the other
three along one, thereby making all four plot incorrectly.

The data up until the 14th matches the order of fields at the top of the file,
which is UNCONFIRMED|NEW|ASSIGNED|REOPENED. This is very strange, because in
collectstats.pl, checksetup.pl, and my own data files, the order is and always
has been NEW|ASSIGNED|REOPENED|UNCONFIRMED. So the question is: how did the
b.m.o. data get in the order UNCONFIRMED|NEW|ASSIGNED|REOPENED, and stay in that
order collecting stats properly for so long, until the upgrade?

The plotting code uses the names at the top of the file, and so plots the data
according to the old field order - hence the recent jumps. 

It's very confusing.

myk, dave: what exactly happened on the 14th of August? Did we upgrade b.m.o. in
any way, or move machines with it? 

That's probably when we set up Bugzilla on mecha.  Bugzilla on mothra doesn't
switch orders on the 14th, so it's strictly a new-server phenomenon.  In
addition to the new server, we're using a new version of MySQL; perhaps a query
is returning results in a different order?

Comment 8

14 years ago
Myk: could you attach mecha's collectstats.pl, please?

Have we run any scripts that mess with this data? Given that the top of the file
matches the new order, and that running collectstats.pl merely appends, it's got
to be something which writes the whole file which has caused the problem. Did
you run collectstats.pl --regenerate at any point?

collectstats.pl is unchanged from the version that existed on December 12, 2002,
although I did backport the --regenerate patch to it at one point and run that.

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14 years ago
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Summary: Graph reports are funny → Graph reports are funny (broken by server move)

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14 years ago
So, the key question is: is this problem confined to b.m.o. or will other sites
see it? 

Perhaps it was just b.m.o. which had this inexplicable thing where the stats
used to be gathered in the wrong order. I've issed a request for help to

We can write a script to fix b.m.o.'s stats.


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14 years ago
Extending summary with what one would first search for...
Summary: Graph reports are funny (broken by server move) → Graph reports are funny (Bug Charts/reports.cgi broken by server move)
Gerv, any chance of that script happening so we can have fixed stats for b.m.o
at least?

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14 years ago

Assignee: myk → gerv
Priority: -- → P1

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14 years ago
Created attachment 137016 [details]
Script to fix Bugzilla stats

Here's a script which works on the sample file given. If someone sends me a
tarball of all the stats, I'll test it on those too. Or you could just use it

In the sample file, there are a couple of stats runs which are a few months out
of  place. I assume that was a clock glitch on the Bugzilla server. I've not
done anything special with those lines; but that may be something that also
wants fixing.

Dave, Myk: let me know how you want to proceed from here.

Hmm, script didn't work.  It swapped 


This appears to have swapped UNCONFIRMED and REOPENED in the messed up section,
and UNCONFIRMED now appears to be correct, but REOPENED, NEW, and ASSIGNED are
all still off...

Comment 17

14 years ago
Arse. Two of the columns in the test data have almost the same value, and I got
them confused. Or something.

Feel free to fix the script - it's trivial to understand. Or, I'll do it this


Comment 18

14 years ago
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14 years ago
Created attachment 137070 [details]
Script v.2

Dave: apologies for wasting your time. This should do a better job.

Attachment #137016 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #137070 - Attachment is patch: false
No waste. :)  This looks much better....

Same urls as before (see comment 16)

I note this is fixing all the new data...  do we need to do something to
collectstats.pl to prevent it from messing it up again?  Otherwise tonight's
stats run is just going to start the problem again.

Comment 21

14 years ago
/me has a nasty feeling he's messed up again...

Have I untwisted this all the wrong way? Should I be reversing all the ones
prior to the 15th of August, rather than after?

I'll check.

Well, I just so happened to enable the cron job on the test install so we'd get
tonight's stats, and it's now past midnight PST, so have a look at the URLs
again, and notice that the numbers did indeed swap again on tonight's run.

However, doing some quick queries to match up the numbers being reported against
the current state of the database seems to indicate that the numbers on the OLD
data are correct and collectstats is recording the data in the wrong order
currently.  Which means your script did the right thing, but collectstats is
still broken.
The fields line at the top of the files say this:
# fields:

The one collectstats wants to put in the file if it doesn't exist yet (and the
order it writes the stats) is:
# fields:

reports.cgi is reading the labels on that # fields: line and trusting it.

so collectstats isn't broken, and yes, the script needs to convert all the old
data prior to the swap date, AND swap the order of the fields in the # fields
line at the top.

OR collectstats needs to be fixed to also read that fields line and write the
stats in the same order.

Comment 24

14 years ago
Created attachment 137496 [details] [diff] [review]
Script v.3

Here, try this then. It adds a new "fields:" line and switches everything
_before_ the key date.

Again, note that Browser (and probably the other files two) have a couple of
lines with incorrect dates around the 20th of August (they are dated 15th of
May) - but they are currently right, and so will be switched wrong by the
script. As this data is duplicate data (in terms of the dates), I don't know if
this will have a noticeable effect on the plotted graphs.



14 years ago
Attachment #137070 - Attachment is obsolete: true

Comment 25

14 years ago
justdave: any luck with this version?

haven't had a chance yet, sorry.  Will probably try Friday night sometime.
Yay! all fixed! :)

Had to add a \n to the end of the new # fields: line, and also a next; after the
print so it didn't print the original one back into the file.  Otherwise it
worked as designed.

Those two weird dates happened to be in between correct ones that were two days
apart, so the clock was probably messed up, and it missed a day.  I deleted the
first one, and manually changed the date on the second to match the missed day
in between, which is probably close enough.
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