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15 years ago
Among OECD member countries, Korea might be the sole country the government of
which hasn't filed an anti-trust suit against MS. Why do I begin the bug report
with this? Because that shows how much Korean web sites need tech-evangelism
(most of them are written only for MS IE on MS Windows and have never been
tested  with  other browsers  - not even with MS IE on MacOS). Most
browser-sniffing code  (if they bother to use one) is outdated (only detecting
Navigator 4.x) and wrong. A number of standard-violating html/css constructs are
used. In short, if we have to pick a single country(or language) for which
tech-evangelism is needed, that's Korea(n). It's jarring to find an Apache
server running on Linux spit out PHP code that only works wih MS IE (all the
players are open-source, but the result is targeted at MS IE only) 

Recently(actually yesterday), South Korean government announced that it would
use more open source software  following the suit of PRC and EU, Brazil and
other countries. Well, I don't know how much to expect of this, but anyway we
need to make some efforts here.

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15 years ago
There are lots of missing countries. Unless someone is planning on doing the
work, though, there's not much point adding the component. Should I add it?

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15 years ago
This proposal was not made out of 'me, too' or 'why not Korea' sentiment. South
Korea is one of the most wired nations (perhaps neck to neck with 'city-states'
like Singapore. SIt's not much an exaggeration to say that virtually every
household in the nation has an xDSL/Cable modem link with VDSL rapidly
spreading). It's also where interoperability, accessibility and standard
compliance are given the least possible consideration by most people involved in
web site designing, web application/service development, etc. Therefore,
needwise, there can't be any doubt that South Korea needs a lot of tech
evangelism. Logistics-wise, that might be a different story, but if no one else,
I can take charge of it (I've been doing it anyway not just for mozilla but for
accessibility/interoperability with any device/browser). To have a feel as to
how much load it'll be,  I've just run a query on Tech-evangelism : German and
there were only 10 bugs that have been changed last couple of weeks. Spanish,
French and Japanese components have 9, 13 and 18. French team appears to be most
effective in persuading 'offending site admins.' to fix their bugs (according to
my very un-scientific survey). 

Korean site admins. would be among the toughest to deal with for the reason I
wrote above. Nonetheless, if a component is made here, it'll attract more people
and help Korean sites become more standard-compliant and more friendly to more
people regardless of their disability/access methods, let alone helping Mozilla
penetrate Korean 'market'. 

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15 years ago
Okie dokie.

justdave/myk: I'm told you're trying to "recycle" dummy accounts; if this is so,
could you recycle one into "korean@evangelism.bugs"? Otherwise I can create one
myself, that's no problem. Thanks.
I'm not aware of any recycling attempt.  Dave?
Yeah, I've got passwords for a number of accounts that people have
created apparently not realizing that they actually had to receive the mail with
the password to be able to use it. :)  I suggested offhand to timeless at one
point that we should start renaming those instead of creating new accounts. 
(I'm told there's likely quite a few in that fit that profile, too)

There are currently 4 legitimate accounts (bzbot, jake, nobody,
reviewers).  Anything else is fair game. just got recycled for you. :)

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vrfy fixed
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