'Select addresses' window too complex for low res monitors



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The Mozilla 'select addresses' window (reached by hitting 'addresses' on a
compose  window) is somewhat complex for a low res monitor or someone who needs
larger fonts.
My father finds the old Netscape 4.x version a lot better because much more of
the width is available for displaying the name and address.

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A config for a 'compact' version would be nice - or perhaps what we need is a
'compact' flag for the whole interface.

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15 years ago
You can select which columns appear in the left list, and you can resize the
dialog. Is this really a problem or just that you didn't realize of that?

Comment 2

15 years ago
Yes I realise you can select what is in the left list and that you can resize
the dialog; it is just that with large fonts/low res monitor you end up having
to resize each time because of the space used by the right hand side box;
placing that box at the bottom or having the option of it not appearing at all
would solve it.
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I've encountered this with a lowres 14 or 15" monitor and it is a little unhandy
(no, not my system). (hopefully there aren't many of these systems out there)

The current design with search functionality at the top "Look in ..." takes lots
of width. If there were no other factors, the longish "remove" could be moved to
below the address list on the right and to reduce space between the two windows. 
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14 years ago
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this is another lowres issue, and is even worse with a font change.  I encountered it on an old thinkpad or a modest size sony vaio. moving "remove" to be under the right side "address message to" (*where it should be anyway*) would gain maybe .5 inches.

I also had another problem iirc, on this picker screen or the address edit screen, OK at the bottom always came up off screen - a vertical space problem.

why is there more margin around the "address message to" box than the address book list on the left?  (more space to the right of "To" button than to the left, and more space to the right of the "address message to" box than address book list)

Also, you can see in the screen shot there is wasted space 1/4 inch in the "name" column to the left of the icon. No other column has wasted space in it. (also seen in the standard address book)  Perhaps it's "pretty space", to look nice, but I personally don't see the point of having it.  Can it be changed?
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