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Warnings in unix_rand.c


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In file included from /swap/BEOS/mozilla/security/nss/lib/freebl/sysrand.c:36:
 In function `RNG_SystemInfoForRNG':
831: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
840: warning: implicit declaration of function `gethostname'
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remove incorrect const marking

I think the include part of the patch is OK. But the second part if not. If you are going to change the type of cp, you need to change all the casts, and the environ declaration. I'm not sure if that will work on all Unix platforms.
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I don't see any warning on linux. But the warning might be specific to BeOS due to #ifdef. But I would suggest closing this one and opening new one if we find some warnings in BeOS as this is a bug not tortoise (already lifespan of 8 years).
It looks like incompatible pointer type issue was fixed in Bug 265369.

(See )

Does the code still warn about the implicit declaration?
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bug 265369 seems to have resolved one of two warnings for this file.

I don't have BeOS particularly handy, but I'm pretty sure that it would still warn about the implicit declaration. There certainly haven't been any changes to the file that would resolve it.

I don't see any includes in the relevant directory for the file.
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timeless, do you know if anyone is maintaining NSS for BeOS or Haiku? Can we WONTFIX open BeOS bugs?
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I do not know. I haven't worked on Mozilla at all in 5 years...
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Thanks. I'm going to close this bug because the warning was apparently fixed in 2005 by bug 265369, according to comment 5. :)
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